VIDEO: So, Who Denied Security to the Benghazi Consulate?

Last night, during the second Presidential debate, President Obama and Mitt Romney engaged in one of the most heated exchanges of the campaign yet.  When asked by an audience member about the lack of enhanced security in Benghazi prior to the attack on the Libyan embassy, President Obama stammered through a lame response that ultimately failed to address the question. When Romney attempted to address the President’s inconsistencies in his excuse making, the moderator managed to forget her position and came to the aid of the President.



Last week, the Vice President took the initiative of blaming the intelligence community for the failure of security; a debate it seems the President didn’t take the time to watch or he would’ve known exactly who to throw under the bus. Considering the communication skills displayed by the President last night, it should come as no surprise that the Vice President was unable to convey his excuse to the President before the subject of Libya came up again.

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