If Democrats Are So Proud of DEI Then They Should Prove It

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies are easily one of the most destructive concepts ever cooked up by the left. It's a rot that slowly overtakes and destroys anything it's introduced to as its very nature rejects merit, skill, and enthusiasm and replaces it with "are you the right shade of skin color and do you have the right plumbing." 

It's not a smart model to run any business on...or run a nation on for that matter. 

Yet here we are. The DEI infection is so widespread that corporations and government bodies alike have adopted it. The most forward facing of all the DEI hires is our own vice-president, Kamala Harris. 

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Yet, there's something odd about DEI when it comes to the left. It's a massive effort they've pushed for years now. It's something they're incredibly proud of. Many corporations celebrate their DEI efforts on their websites and brag about it in their social media feeds. They set DEI goals and tell the media how they're better at DEI than everyone else. 

Yet, when you say that someone is a DEI hire...the left accuses you of racism or sexism. It's an absolutely bizarre thing to watch, but it happens often. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom did just that when the New York Times pointed out that Harris was, in fact, a DEI hire. 

Yet, she absolutely was. Groups were pressuring Biden to select a female of color as his running mate back in 2020, threatening that if he didn't, these groups would pull their support. As Harris's record was actually shameful, as pointed out by Tulsi Gabbard, she had no real value to add to the campaign other than her skin color and gender. 

Texas Rep. Chip Roy also referred to Harris as a DEI hire, causing Rep. Jasmine Crockett to fire back defensively according to The Hill

Roy, earlier Monday, told Fox Business that he does not believe Democrats will move to force out President Biden, despite the mounting concerns over his ability to beat former President Trump and serve a second term following his disastrous debate performance last month.

“I don’t think they [Democrats] can. They’re in a box,” Roy said. “They are in a box where they’ve got to choose between a mentally incompetent president and a D.E.I. vice president. And they know that they’re gonna be facing a problem either way.”

Crockett replied to the clip later Monday, saying “Don’t talk to me about what DEI hire looks like because we know that you have never engaged in diversity, equity or inclusion when it came to your office.

“So, we know that you don’t know anything about hiring diversity,” she added.

I hate to break it to the left, but Ketanji Brown Jackson and Sonia Sotomayor were also DEI hires. Sotomayor proves she has no business on sitting in the highest court of the land all the time, but I digress. 

So which is it? Is the left proud of DEI, or are they secretly ashamed of it? 

My theory is both. I think the idea of DEI was so mouthwatering to the left that they didn't stop to think about how it would blow up in their face. They saw a way to signal their virtues and show people how inclusive and cool they were, that they didn't stop to think that maybe DEI is one of the most sexist and racist things there is. Besides, if it was sexist and racist, it was such against white men, so who cares? 

But now, DEI chickens are coming home to roost. Corporations are losing money by the billions thanks to DEI policies, and many of them are starting to distance themselves from the concept fast. 

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But no one is being hit by DEI and its corrosion harder than the Biden Administration, which is currently the subject of an internal war within the Democrat Party because everyone knows Joe has to go, but Kamala is far from the ideal person to take over. She's been an embarrassment from day one. 

Gee, if only they'd hired a person based on talent and merit instead of identity. 

Now, they're secretly ashamed of DEI because the effects that everyone warned about are coming to pass, and they now have to defend a failing belief. They have to grin and pretend they like the disgusting meal they prepared for themselves. The situation would actually be pretty hilarious if this didn't concern the way our entire nation is governed. 

But if the Democrats really want to sell us on DEI then they need to stop calling people racist and coming down on them for pointing out the obvious. They need to embrace the fact that Harris is a DEI candidate. They need to thump their chests and declare that they are all on board with their pet project and that it really can work. 

If they really are all about DEI, then go all-in on Harris as proof diversity and inclusion really are virtues that benefit society. "Diversity is our strength" right? 

So far, what I'm getting from the left is that it's not a strength at all. They're overly defensive about it. They hate that you even talk about it. 

Sounds like they don't like DEI at all, really. 



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