Kamala Harris Is the DNC's Big Virtue Signal

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Let's be realistic here. Kamala Harris wasn't picked as Joe Biden's VP because she's a stellar politician, has any kind of remarkable background, or brings any kind of energy to the ticket. Harris was chosen because various groups on the left were threatening to campaign against Biden if he didn't pair himself with a woman of color. 

In short, Harris was the first DEI VP pick. From the sounds of it, she's about to be the first DEI president. 

Just to give you a quick refresher, Harris was a strong contender in the 2020 Democrat Party primary until, one day, Tulsi Gabbard came along and highlighted just how horrible Harris was as California's AG, especially to minorities. At that point, Harris went from being a real 2020 threat to losing so much support so fast that she ended up being one of the first to drop out of the race. 

True to form, the DNC didn't care that Harris was clearly a bad choice for dogcatcher. The important part is that she looked like someone who should be in front of the cameras representing the DNC and proving just how diverse and inclusive they were as a party. Never mind that she put black men away for far longer than she should have, and used them as slave labor. She had the right plumbing and skin that wasn't white. As I said at the time, by selecting Harris, the DNC was signaling that they wanted to lose. 

Even as I said at the time, her ability didn't matter. All that mattered was her identity. I didn't have language for it at the time, but now we do. 

Harris was a DEI candidate.

Given, I was wrong about the outcome. She and Biden ended up winning in 2020 (sideways glance), but if Harris was going to use this as a chance to redeem herself and show that she is, in fact, fit for the highest office in the land, she failed miserably. Simply peruse the RedState Kamala Harris tag, and you'll see one embarrassing disaster after another. 

And if you don't believe that, then just check out her poll numbers, none of which have ever looked good for her. 

She's not remotely charismatic. She's awkward in everything she does. No matter how much the media tries to make her look better than she is, Harris's bizarre behavior, cackling laugh, and ability to say a lot without saying anything drags her back down. 

I've never seen anyone fail upward more than Kamala Harris. 

Judging by the reaction to the debates, it seems like Harris is going to continue her undeserved upward climb. As The Hill reported on Sunday, Van Jones noted that a President Harris is inevitable: 

“Nobody believes Joe Biden can be president in four years. And so, we’re in the worst possible world because she can’t defend herself, she has to defend him,” Jones said. “We can’t defend her; we have to defend him. We’re basically running Kamala Harris anyway, let’s run Kamala Harris and let her get out there and defend herself.”

“The reality is we are running Kamala Harris for president one way or the other. I’d rather run for president in the strongest way rather than the weakest way,” he added.

Jones is right, but I think it'll happen sooner than later. Donors and supporters are telling Biden it's time to drop out left and right, which would leave Harris to assume the title. 

Would this win Democrats 2024? 

No. From where I'm sitting, unless the Democrats make a deal with the devil for some dark miracle and that miracle manages to defeat the internet meme makers and convince everyone the economy is actually great despite contrary evidence hitting them every time they crack open their wallet, I don't see Harris wins the election against Trump. 

However, what she can do, is win the Democrats a narrative they can use for years to come. She can assume office and the DNC will be able to ride the claim that they were the first party to elect, not just a woman, but a woman of color to office. They can use this to reinforce the idea to voters that they are the party of the minority and hold it against Republicans, whom they can continue to claim are beyond racist for never having even tried to do that. 

Never mind that Republicans have been electing black people to office since the 1800s, while the Democrats were trying to keep them in chains. 

The DNC probably knows they've lost 2024, but they can still squeeze some use out of this administration. They can swap out Biden for Harris like Indiana Jones, proclaim they did it first, then discard Harris at their earliest convenience. 

Clearly, I'm not a soothsayer. I don't have clairvoyance, but I do know the Democrats, and I can tell you with confidence that this is a conversation currently happening in very high circles without having to hear it. 



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