Your Children Will Not Inherit America If the Democrats Win in November

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It feels like every other day, a news story comes out that details how another illegal immigrant has assaulted and violated an American in some capacity. Police have been jumped, young girls sexually assaulted, and all the while, the Democrats are telling you in their Orwellian way that all the chaos and destruction you're seeing thanks to the policies of the Biden administration aren't indicative of absolute chaos at the border. 

As I wrote Wednesday, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas stood in front of reporters and said there was order at the border before being asked why people are still dying, including America's children, at the hands of illegal immigrants. 

(Watch: Mayorkas Embarrassed During Presser While Trying to Tell Everyone Biden Secured the Border)

And it's America's children that I can't help but think about here, especially as I see the horrifying story of 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray, who was lured away from home, raped by two illegal immigrants, then strangled to death and her body dumped in a bayou. 

These people are criminals of the highest order, coming across our border illegally and committing some of the worst atrocities against citizens. 

And they're doing it under the "watch" of the Biden administration and the Democrats, all of whom seem to check out whenever these incidents are brought up. Worse, as Jim Thompson pointed out, some Democrats resort to Olympic-level mental gymnastics in order to spin the issue and place the blame on anyone else they can, including former President Donald Trump, with little to no explanation as to how it's his fault. 

(WATCH: Texas Official Lays Blame for Brutal Rape and Murder of 12-Year-Old Jocelyn Nungaray on Trump)

These are the same Democrats who have policies surrounding these illegal immigrants that they should be released upon being captured instead of deported, fitting them with an ankle monitor that they take off and telling them to report to a court date they never show up for. They do all this only to turn back up later after having committed a crime that some families will never recover from. 

For his part, the empty suit known as Joe Biden can't even say the names of the people murdered by his immigration policies, and will even express regret for referring to the murderer of an American citizen as an "illegal." 

Back in March, I watched all that unfold and asked, "Who Is Joe Biden the President Of?"

Judging by his and his party's actions and words, I think I can say that it's not you. Biden and the Democrats are not politicians for the American people. Their intent is, as Obama once put it, "fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” 

"Fundamental transformation" means a complete remake. Given that we can safely conclude that the Biden administration and the Democrats have no interest in protecting the American people, including its children, we can also assume that this fundamental transformation does not involve anything beneficial to Americans. 

Your children are not going to have an America if this continues. If Biden and the Democrats are allowed to continue bringing the country down this path, our children's future in the greatest country that has ever been created will be gone. It will go to foreign interests, foreign people who do not share our values, corporate elitists who spit on our traditions and ignore common sense, and look at people as a tool to be controlled, not a human to be respected. 

This is a Godforsaken land where rights are a fun suggestion to ignore. This is a land where you're likely to face harsh punishment for doing the right thing and speaking the truth, while others may receive little to no punishment for their wrongdoing strictly because of their identity or ideological affiliation. 

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This would not be America any longer. Your children and your children's children will live in a land that wears the mask of the United States but was fundamentally altered into something that resembles a dystopia. It will belong to criminals, activists, despots, and elitists, but it won't belong to Americans. 

Joe Biden and the Democrats have to go. Moreover, Republicans have to utilize their time wisely. They have to create laws that restrict the government, defund it, and even work toward setting the stage for the elimination of alphabet agencies. As they do this, they need to terminate laws and taxes against the people. 

That should be on the to-do list of every Republican we elect going forward. Otherwise, we won't stop the bleeding, and we'll lose the country. 

This isn't tinfoil talk. This isn't hyperbole. There is no America at the end of this path, and we need to get off it now. 



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