The Democrats Are Depressed

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The Democrats aren't alright. 

The prevailing mood among the left right now is that Biden's camp is demoralized and showing early signs of accepting defeat. To be clear, this isn't the feeling of being behind in a fight. Being an underdog can cause a flood of support. No, this is much worse. 

This is Democrats throwing in the towel in June. 

As "Fox and Friends" discussed, a Biden ally noted that the prevailing mood from Biden supporters is "depression," and it shows.  

As my friend Ward Clark discussed on Sunday, this depression can be seen in Biden's fundraising advantage...or lack of one. Democrats were looking to have a massive cash advantage over Trump, but whatever lead they had has dried up in the face of Trump's conviction: 

Joe Biden’s campaign planned to bury Donald Trump in an avalanche of cash. 

Instead, his allies are bracing for a slugfest without the benefit of a fatter wallet, as financial reports showed Trump outraising Biden in back-to-back months, hauling in huge sums after his 34 felony convictions and erasing Biden’s longstanding financial edge. Democrats in recent days largely downplayed Trump’s new financial lead in the same way Trump’s allies had when Biden was running ahead in the money race — saying the president would have enough money to compete.

You would think that in an election year when so much is on the line for Democrats, including the fact that their most hated and worst enemy of all time is looming over the White House, there would be a surge of support from Democrats. You would figure that the threat of Trump ousting Biden for the highest seat in the land would rally the troops. 

But it hasn't. In fact, looking at the battlefield, you would see that many Democrats have abandoned the party altogether and even joined with Trump. Oddly enough, this happened after his conviction, with many Democrats declaring they're voting for Trump even without switching parties. 

Many Democrats are looking up and seeing that their fellow party members have abandoned the party. This can even be seen in how many people are turning out for Biden's rallies. As Bonchie reported, Biden's campaign has been trying to hide their anemic rally numbers, especially in the face of Trump's rallies bursting at the seams with attendees, especially ones that take place in Democrat strongholds. 

Democrats are demoralized, but let's be honest: The bullet lodged in their foot came from their own gun. 

Democrats and their corporate media have been doing everything they could to keep power, especially from Trump, even if it was to their own detriment. It started with the media rolling out hoax after hoax, consistently being embarrassed as each one was proven false. The lies degraded the media's credibility until there was little left. 

Meanwhile, Democrats were trying their absolute best to bring Trump down legally, even going so far as to attack Americans by abusing the justice system to get them if they supported Trump a little too well. 

It's also their fault that they abused an elderly man who was clearly losing his cognitive independence even before he was elected president in an election whose results were so strange that people couldn't help but theorize that there was foul play involved in the final tally of votes. Now that same old man is doddering around on stage when he's not freezing up completely, requiring the guiding hand of someone nearby to bring him to where he needs to be at the moment, but not where he ultimately needs to be: a nursing home with round-the-clock care. 

Biden is "Weekend at Bernie's" with a heartbeat. 

All of it amounts to a sad state of affairs for Democrats. The ship is sinking, and while Democrats are trying to rearrange deck chairs, voters are abandoning ship and taking the life rafts over to the U.S.S. Trump. This includes groups that are usually loyal to Democrats, such as the Black community. 

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I'm sure as we get closer to November, Democrats will see some increase in fundraising as the threat of Trump looms ever greater, but until then, the Democrats are an isolated camp of true believers amidst a sea of people who've had it with mismanagement and embarrassment. If they're depressed, it's because they did it to themselves, and they deserve it. 


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