Trump Resurgent: Joe Biden's Fundraising Lead Vanishes, Biden Campaign Reportedly Despondent

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What goes around, comes around. That applies to political campaigns, as it does in so many other things; with the 2024 Trump POTUS campaign, what's coming around are donors, and it's got the Biden people worried.


Joe Biden’s campaign planned to bury Donald Trump in an avalanche of cash. 

Instead, his allies are bracing for a slugfest without the benefit of a fatter wallet, as financial reports showed Trump outraising Biden in back-to-back months, hauling in huge sums after his 34 felony convictions and erasing Biden’s longstanding financial edge. Democrats in recent days largely downplayed Trump’s new financial lead in the same way Trump’s allies had when Biden was running ahead in the money race — saying the president would have enough money to compete.

But privately, several Democratic strategists and donors were reeling. “There was the strategy of raising all this money on the front end so we could have this huge edge,” said one Biden bundler, granted anonymity to speak candidly. “The whole point of it was to come out with a sizable cash advantage and, you know, we’re now even and it’s June. … I have no other word for it other than ‘depression’ among Biden supporters.”

My colleagues wrote recently on the specifics of Team Trump wiping out that advantage.

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It's the Biden camp's reaction that's interesting. One is tempted to respond by simply saying, "Boo hoo." They are depressed and worried, and they damn well should be. But there's a more detailed reply that is worth saying as well. So, to the Biden campaign and Democrats in general, I would say this:


You people have hounded Trump mercilessly since the day he took office in 2017. In the history of the republic, no president, indeed no elected figure, has come under fire the way Donald Trump has. You dragged him through two nonsensical impeachments based on nothing, the second after the 2020 election. You have demonized him, called him a Nazi, called him a criminal, hurled every stone you could throw from your glassiest of glass houses.

And now you wonder why so many Americans are sick of your constant attacks. How many Americans are more likely to vote for Trump now, simply because of your non-stop assaults? Have you learned nothing from the sudden bump in Trump's fundraising following the sham conviction in Manhattan?

Americans have traditionally loved an underdog, and your constant attacks, your lawfare, and your endless vitriol have succeeded in what you never imagined - turning a former president of the United States and a billionaire into an outsider and an underdog.

And now Team Trump is wiping Joe Biden's eye in fundraising. You should expect this trend to continue.

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The Trump campaign, meanwhile, is counting money and pressing their advantages.

Brian Hughes, a Trump campaign spokesperson, said, “From fundraising,polling, crowds at public events or enthusiasm across the board with America’s voters, there is more and more evidence that the momentum of PresidentTrump coming out of a historic primary election season is growing as we moveto November. The latest surge in fundraising and wiping out the campaign cashadvantage in May reflects this.”

Whatever anyone thinks of Donald Trump personally, the constant stream of attacks on him is backfiring, his support in key demographics is increasing, and Democrats just keep doubling down on stupid. No wonder the Biden campaign is depressed.

For the Trump campaign, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.



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