The Fanbase Disney Created Is Gross and Way Too Interested in Your Children

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If you want to see what kind of world Disney is trying to create, all you have to look at is the state of its current fanbase, which is being disgusting out in the open while fully believing they're being progressive and on the "right side of history." 

According to ScreenRant, Disney's new audience is very disappointed with some of the developments in the new Pixar movie "Inside Out 2," the movie that features personified emotions living in the head of a girl named Riley. In the first movie, Riley was an 11-year-old girl. Now, in the second film, she is 13. 

Throughout the film, it's hinted that Riley is carrying around a secret. ScreenRant reported that the secret Disney's new audience hoped Riley was carrying around is that she was queer: 

In the time leading up to Inside Out 2, it was highly theorized that the sequel would reveal that she is LGBTQ+, something that many fans were really hoping would occur. The trailers made it seem as if Riley had feelings for an older female player on her hockey team, implying that Riley may be LGBTQ+ in Inside Out 2. Although many viewers fully expected to see this revelation occur in Inside Out 2, it didn't end up happening, even though one story thread in the film teased that it would by the end of the movie.

Early in the film, the main five emotions get locked away in a vault where Riley's biggest secrets are kept. While there, Joy meets the manifestation of Riley's deep dark secret, and while she tries to get him to admit what the secret is, he doesn't. Upon this reveal, many fans thought that Riley's deep dark secret would be that she is queer, as it felt like the perfect setup to show that Riley was repressing these feelings and would only come out with the help of her other emotions.

Inside Out 2 contains a post-credits scene in which Joy returns to Riley's vault of secrets, preparing audience members for the big reveal that Riley is gay. However, this didn't end up happening, with it jokingly being revealed that Riley burned a hole in a rug once. This being her deep dark secret was a huge disappointing part of Inside Out 2 for some who hoped to see some proper queer representation in a Pixar movie, with the film missing its chance to confirm this Riley Inside Out theory.

Kate Bove of ScreenRant wrote an article detailing how frustrated she is with Pixar for not making its characters gay. In fact, she voices her frustration that almost all of Disney's gay characters are "blink and you miss it" moments. 

I want to remind everyone that Riley is a child, yet the fanbase that Disney cultivated wants very much to focus on the sexuality of these children, so much so that they openly theorize and hope that these children will be homosexual in some capacity. 

This isn't the first time this has happened either. The new fandom accused Disney/Pixar of "queerbaiting" during the movie "Luca," which featured a young boy merman and his friendship with a human boy. Neither ended up being gay, and that upset the audience Disney is building. 

This same audience is holding out hope that Riley will be confirmed gay by "Inside Out 3," and at the rate things are going at Disney, I have no doubt they'll get their wish.  

I can understand cute stories about awakening realizations of the opposite sex during coming-of-age tales. Teenagers being introduced to love and attraction are a tale as old as time, but this isn't about love, or a coming-of-age moment. This is people specifically wanting a child to take part in a kink. 

We can argue about the normalcy of being gay or lesbian all we want, but at the end of the day, anything involving the LGBT category is offset from the natural norm. There is no "gay gene." It's not a naturally occurring thing, usually coming as a response to something that happened in the past. According to research at Vanderbilt University, 83 percent of LGBT people had experienced trauma in their childhood. 

It's a sexual preference that shouldn't be forced on children, yet here this audience is, doing exactly that. 

And let's be very clear here. This isn't just about the character of Riley, this is about setting an example for real-world children. This is about shoving that trauma-born need for same-sex or gender-confused lifestyle on kids in the real world. 

Your kids. 

I can't stress that part enough. This ultimate point isn't queering up Disney characters. The end-game here is to so normalize it to your children that they begin gravitating toward that lifestyle themselves, or at the very least, experiment with it and normalize it. Riley is just a stand-in for your kid. 

And it won't be enough either. Riley will be revealed as a lesbian, but there will be complaints that she's also too gender-conforming and she'll need to be played off as non-binary to please these sick wackos. By the time they're done, Riley will be a gender-queer, bisexual, otherkin with neon-blue hair and piercings wherever there aren't tattoos. She'll be passionate about the current thing and shout on-the-nose rants about how traditional values are killing people like her. 

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It's disgusting, but this is what Disney worked to create. This the crowd they wanted and they want to make more of this crowd out of America's families. 


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