Biden Still Thinks He Can Win a Civil War

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I'm going to preface this entire article by saying that one of the things I really don't ever want to happen is for our nation to be plunged into an all-out civil war again. If you thought the first one was horrendous, a second one would be even worse, with far less organization and neither side having any modicum of respect for the other. There would be no "north" or "south." It would be a street-to-street conflict that has so many factions that you'd lose track of them all. In the end, it wouldn't be a "war"; it would be a horror story that wouldn't officially end at some courthouse. 


This is why when I see our quickly deteriorating president fantasizing or commenting about matters pertaining to a civil war, I get a sinking feeling. For being such a "uniter," Joe Biden sure does like to smile and joke about using American tech to kill Americans who don't like his policies or stances. 

As Nick Arama wrote on Tuesday, Biden stumbled and muttered his way through a speech to the Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund conference right after his own son was found guilty of breaking gun laws. I advise you to go read Nick's article to see the entire disaster, but while a lot of it was just leftist bluster about "common sense gun safety," Biden wheeled out an argument he likes to make about how pro-gun rights Americans would never be able to beat him in a fight because he has F-15s. 

"If they wanna think to take on government if we get out of line, which they're talking again about. Well, guess what? They need F-15s! They don't need a rifle," said Biden...more or less. 

Let me get down to brass tacks about this idea of his. Let's say that Biden declared war against a group of people for refusing to comply with his rule. Let's say that he did order that F-15s fly over his enemies and rain hell on them. 

He would find himself on the losing end of that war so fast his cognitive issues wouldn't even register it until the rebel army was walking into the White House to cuff him. 


I've discussed this multiple times in the past, so allow me to quote myself. Firstly, if Biden thinks he's going to have the manpower to wage war against the American people, he's horrifically mistaken: 

Let’s start with logistics. Biden’s fighting force is, as of this writing, somewhere around 1.3 million people. Now, not all of these are combat roles. In fact, only 1 out of around 10 people are actually combat-ready, the rest fall into support roles. So that leaves around 130,000 people to go out and fight…millions of gun owners in their own territory.

That’s a lot of territories to try to conquer and hold, and in the reality we currently inhabit, Biden doesn’t have the resources to do so.

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This is even before we start talking about the members of the military who would go AWOL the moment they were ordered to kill their own countrymen because the federal government has a problem with them. Fighting men and women would likely abandon the U.S. military and return home to prepare a defense against those who stayed, which would severely reduce the number of people Biden has under his command. 

How do we know that Biden's forces would shrug off his orders and refuse to act out his will? Because it already did happen in Texas. Texas was ordered by the Supreme Court to do as Biden says and take down the measures they set up to stop illegal immigration into the country, to which the Texas National Guard indicated they were in a "Come and take it" kind of mood and Biden's Border Patrol union refused to take things further knowing that it would escalate things to a very dangerous point.


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As I said then, if Biden can't even count on his own border patrol to act against open defiance from a state's national guard, what chance does he have of having a military that would obey his command to assault their fellow Americans? Sure, there'd probably be a couple of thousand willing to get bloody, but even they would lose their taste for it once they found out how overwhelmingly outnumbered and unpopular they were. 

Biden wouldn't have any F-15s because he'd likely have no one to fly them. 

This isn't even getting into the nitty-gritty details about how a handful of people with those AR-15s he scoffs at could shut down supply lines to what military he'd have left, effectively starving his troops and creating unsolvable supply issues. His bases would likely lack sufficient personnel to guard what lay within, much less operate with any efficiency. Not even mentioning how unpopular his war would become the moment footage of his attacks on American people and the devastation they would cause against innocents hit the internet. 

To quote my colleague Kurt Schlichter, who has discussed this in even greater detail than I have: 

For example, how do a bunch of hunters in Wisconsin defeat a company of M1A2 Abrams tanks? They ambush the fuel and ammo trucks. Oh, and they wait until the gunner pops the hatch to take a leak and put a .30-06 round in his back from 300 meters. Then they disappear. What do the tanks do then? Go level the nearest town? Great. Now they just moved the needle in favor of the insurgents among the population. Pretty soon, they can’t be outside of their armored vehicles in public. Their forces are spending 90% of their efforts not on actual counter-insurgency operations but on force protection.


There is no scenario where Biden wins a civil war, and he should wipe that smirk off his face when discussing it.



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