Argentina's New President Proves the Power of Unapologetic Truth-Telling

AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko

I don't want to say that Javier Milei is a perfect world leader, especially since he's heretofore unproven, but he certainly checks nearly every box that I have in terms of what I'd want in a president. 

Milei is an unapologetic libertarian. He's focused on using his ideals to reverse Argentina's economic decline and course-correcting the country's government by kicking out anything that's unnecessary or socialistic in nature...and with extreme prejudice to boot. 

Milei won his election in Argentina on Sunday against socialist candidate Sergio Massa in a runoff. To Argentinians, the idea of a complete about-face after decades of economic hardship might not seem like too bold of a maneuver, but in today's age of socialism infecting nearly everything, bold might not be a powerful enough word to describe Milei's election. 

But bold steps require bold leadership, and Milei definitely fits the description. Milei is wholly unapologetic about his beliefs, even to the point of being willing to offend. 

Watch this interview he did with Argentinian media, where he flat-out made it clear that socialism is full of rats and crooks that will hang you with any length of rope you give them. The interviewer, as many media figures do, attempted to make him feel uneasy about his words, but Milei pushed forward unapologetically, not giving any indication that he was going to feel shame or lighten up on his rhetoric. 

This level of truth might make him seem like he's a bit too out there, but in a world of madness, the sane man might appear mad himself. I think it's something that the Argentinian people figured out, as exhibited by one man's quote according to Insider Paper

β€œWe are tired of Peronism. Milei is an unknown, but better a madman than a thief,” said 50-year-old writer Nacho Larranaga, wearing the blue-and-white Argentina flag as a cape.

The confidence and unapologetic way with which Milei speaks has a lot to do with his success. He's demonstrated that he's not the kind to waffle or cave. He knows what the problem is, he knows who his enemies are, and he's not going to give them any ground as he paves the way back for his country's success. 

His confidence and unapologetic truth-telling are like a lamp in the dark for many people, especially in the case of speaking the truth about government corruption and socialism. 

The radical left relies quite a bit on shame, isolation, and fear to keep people quiet. Their power is in making people second-guess themselves or feel as if they're crazy for going so far as to speak negatively of Marxian theory. They're very good at making people feel alone in their beliefs that socialism is bad, especially in today's age, where the radical left has infected nearly every stage there is. The threat that there will be comeuppance and repercussions for speaking out against the radical left's beliefs and agendas hangs in the air at all times, silencing the thoughts and opinions of those who think differently. 

But speaking truthfully, and without apology, against socialism creates hope and courage. 

And that's what Milei has given to the Argentinian people. He gave them the courage to speak up and honestly push the failed economic form of governance away. 

It's my honest hope that he leads Argentina into a new future filled with freedom and economic prosperity. His success could spur a real movement in other countries, up to and including America. But, in the meantime, the lesson we can take from this is that it's a good thing to be brutally honest about the rot that leftism brings about and that speaking honestly and confidently about it, without fear of becoming a pariah, might lose you some friends but it will gain you a whole lot more. 


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