Resident Responds Emotionally to Joe Biden's Insulting Behavior During Maui Visit

A resident of Lahaina, HI, comments on Joe Biden's visit after fire ravaged the community. (Credit: Twitter/RNC Research)

Residents are speaking out after Joe Biden's tone-deaf tour of the fires that ravaged Maui, and more specifically, those living in Lahaina. As RedState reported, the president took a break from his second vacation of the month, leaving Lake Tahoe for just hours to arrive in Hawaii. 


On the ground, he met with politicians and first responders while giving two brief speeches. Both of them had their lowlights, with no greater example than when Biden repeated a falsehood about a kitchen fire to joke that he almost lost his Covervette and cat. The president, who was addressing a distraught community, some of which lost their children to the flames, thought it was a good time to do his comedy routine. 

The entire spectacle, short-lived as it was because the Bidens quickly hopped back on a plane to resume their vacation, was stunning, and it wasn't lost on those who live there. 

RESIDENT: And then, you know, as far as bulding a "better community or "better" homes than what we had. I unforutnately didn't like that. Because, only because, like for our Kupuna and the Lahaina family and a lot of people that had lost what they had lost, there's no replacing that, there's no "better," there's no "new," there's no better than that. You know? And, you know, forgive me if I might have misunderstood him, but yeah, that didn't sit very well with my heart when he said that.


When you watch the video, the woman's voice is shakey at times, and it's clear she's not trying to make a political point. She was just geniunely perplexed how someone could come to a site of devestiation and pretend as if it were an infrastructure project. There are hundreds of people known to be dead, and estimates of those missing range from 850 to over 1000. 

You don't people who have lost their homes, or worse, their loved ones, that the situation is going to lead to something "better." There is no "better" when children die and people lose the homes they've been living in for generations (the mention of Kupuna means grandparents). There is only different, and different is not something to be touted when its being forced through tragedy.

Biden's entire demeanor on the ground was absurd. It was if he didn't even recognize his purpose for being there, and that's the kindest interpretation of his behavior. I just don't understand it. No one is perfect in public, but there are basic boundaries that a president is expected to abide by. One of this is not making a joke out of a trip to visit an area that has just been completely destroyed, leading to lots of loss of life. 


Something is very wrong with Joe Biden, and it continues to be impossible to ignore. Blame his old age for his lack of filter, but his uncaring aloofness was been a staple of his political career. That his handlers seem to not care about all the damage he's doing is equally concerning. 


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