The Battle Between Republicans and Democrats Is Becoming a Destructive Battle of the Sexes

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It was probably inevitable that men and women would soon find themselves at odds politically to such an extent that you could almost define the parties by gender. We had ever-increasing signs that this would happen as women drifted further and further left at a rate much faster than men, but the leftward drift of men arrested and then began to go toward the right as the left upped its pro-feminist messaging.

Yesterday, I reported on the surprising news that young men of high school age are identifying as conservatives at a rapidly increasing rate. Even the comments left on that article by parents and grandparents confirmed that they either leaned conservative to the point of mocking the left openly, or they refused to identify as either leftist or conservative.

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In that article was the confirmation that while boys were moving right, but also that girls were moving left. It’s not hard to figure out why. Girls are held up as perfect, strong, and capable of anything. In a way, they’ve become the Democrat Party’s sacred cow. Feminism is the name of the game and mainstream culture makes it a priority to elevate women. The Democrats even sell women and girls the idea that they’re fighting for their “rights,” though they can never describe what rights women don’t have or they’re misinterpreting what a right is in order to sell something like abortion as necessary healthcare.

Meanwhile, the left and the Democrat Party treat boys as defective little creatures whose only skill is being oppressive to women. They’re painted as rapists in waiting, naturally violent towards women, disgusting, and filled with pride they don’t deserve. When corporate media isn’t depicting them as outright problematic just for existing, they’re weakening them in order to make their female counterparts look stronger and more capable. They’re constantly being saved by women as they prove unable to meet the moment.

While women are drawn to the party that claims to love them, boys are being repelled and sent searching for a community where they aren’t looked down on for simply being born the way they were. It’s at this point that they hear speeches by people like Jordan Peterson and commentary by Joe Rogan. As their media is soaked in feminist drivel, they hear it being ripped to shreds by The Critical Drinker and Nerdrotic.

And all of these people exist right of center. This creates an ideological migration where men and women find themselves heading in opposite directions on the political spectrum, with boys embracing masculine freedom and girls embracing feminist authoritarianism.

While many of these youngsters are still figuring out where their party affiliations lie if the historical pattern holds out, women will vote Democrat, and men will vote Republican. The battle of the sexes has become a red vs. blue kind of ordeal.

The issue here is that this could prove to be far more destructive for our society than some may believe. While the optimistic part of me would tell you that this would eventually mean a Republican victory due to women tending to vote how their husbands do — which still would happen — the divide between the sexes has already shown that marriage might become increasingly rare in the future.

As I’ve written before, modern women have been indoctrinated with feminism to the point of losing both the ability and the will to acquire homemaking skills. Today, girls are taught to be consumers, not producers. They are taught what to expect from men, not how to live with or complement each other’s existence. When they get into relationships, they offer very little in the way of support for their partner be it emotionally, economically, or domestically.

As a result, the divorce rate is high and men are increasingly checking out of the dating pool at younger and younger ages, leaving young women asking on social media apps in large numbers where the good men have gone or why their man won’t take their relationship to a more committed level.

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This issue might have self-corrected decades ago as women realize that the leftist promises of feminism are all lies and eventually, the natural relationship between men and women as two sides of the same coin is realized once more, but we live in a very turbulent age where technology has thrown off the natural order in many ways.

The rise of AI presents a very stark danger to boys and men in particular. Over just the past two days, I’ve personally seen a swath of ads on Instagram promoting companion AI apps that allow you to talk to an artificial person about anything, and I do mean anything. They promote the app by showing you an artificially generated beauty with examples of her asking how your day was and the person responding with their true feelings, concerns, and troubles.

It’s then that you see the app promote a separate feature; NSFW chats with the AI, including it sending you dirty pictures of itself upon request.

As I’ve written previously, AI is already presenting something of a problem in the companionship aspect of life. Young Japanese men increasingly prefer the company of AI companions to actual women causing a rapidly falling birthrate and a national crisis. As I reported, it goes beyond apps and video games too. There are companies that are currently hard at work developing humanoid robots with built-in AI that look, act, and feel like real companions, and they’re making astounding progress.

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With men and women drifting further apart, both sexes will turn to alternatives that put very tall hurdles in the way of reuniting. The political divide will only widen, and very distinct lines will be drawn between the sexes.

It’s a terrifying thought, and while many things could happen between now and then that correct the course of the future and bring men and women back to nature, the current political atmosphere and advancement of technology are sending us careening toward destruction on multiple levels, be it birth rates and/or social norms.

As usual, time will tell, but the dominoes are already falling.



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