Digital Seduction: The Biggest AI Pitfall for Men

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I’ve been covering how artificial intelligence (AI) poses a great number of dangers to human civilization if it’s utilized in various ways. Some of them are going to be wholly unavoidable and unless something akin to very heavy legislation banning the practice happens, humanity needs to brace for many jobs being replaced by AI.

But that’s something that can be figured out. Humanity can and has overcome some incredible odds. Figuring out how to stabilize the job economy with AI in the mix won’t be impossible. There are far more pressing concerns.

As I covered recently, AI could pose a threat to humanity in a way that Skynet could only dream of. Instead of killing off humans, it could just prevent them from ever being made in the first place, and it won’t take a time machine to accomplish that.

My previous VIP post covered the widening gap between the sexes politically, which could cause a huge problem going forward as men and women begin finding each other detestable for a variety of reasons. Young men are embracing conservatism at a rapid rate as they’ve pushed away from leftism thanks to its commitment to modern feminism and its hatred of men. As they become more conservative women are becoming more leftist at an even faster rate. These ideologies don’t mix, and this could spell disaster for the dating pool down the line.

Perhaps humanity will find a way to course correct, but AI poses a very serious issue that could get in the way of all that.

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Men are very simple creatures. We like to look at naked women and we want to feel like we’re cared for. At its current state, an AI program can give that man some of those desires. All it has to do is be programmed to be a good listener, give supportive and caring responses…and even exchange dirty messages and photos from time to time.

AI can already do all of these things. There are websites that generate AI-created images of pornography, and setting an AI to act like a caring lover isn’t that hard.

In fact, it’s already been created and many iterations of this AI tech are already on the market. In fact, they’re pushing it hard on Instagram. Here are four that were advertised to me in just a couple of hours.

The advertising is all geared toward men despite the fact that it also offers options for women. These AI images selling the app are all cute or beautiful women with large breasts. They promise a variety of services, including being sent dirty messages and even photos of your AI-generated paramour.

I find the NSFW aspect of these apps the least concerning part. At best, that part would be a novelty that would eventually wear out its welcome. In my opinion, the more concerning part is the fact that these AI women will act like a girlfriend and have conversations that include listening to the man’s concerns, troubles, and insecurities and responding in a very kind and caring way.

In its current form, you could probably tell it’s an AI program through its responses, but this tech is improving at a startling rate. Soon, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

The danger here is self-evident. As women further embrace feminism and men move away from them, men will turn to AI companionship to fulfill certain emotional and sexual needs. They’ll find it safer both economically and emotionally, distancing themselves from the financial burdens that come with dating, marriage, and especially divorce.

Furthermore, they’ll find talking to AI far safer than actual women. Secrets will stay secret, insecurities won’t be judged, and nothing they say will be used against them later.

While this is the path of least resistance for men, they should be warned away from it. While it may give them a temporary kind of happiness, it’s not a solution. While women who buy into modern feminism aren’t at all datable and are too numerous by far, there are some pretty great women out there, they just need to be sought after.

AI girlfriends are a distraction from real happiness.

Moreover, it could hurt our society by preventing real relationships from developing and eventually leading to marriage and children. A population decline could result, giving rise to fresh new problems that hurt everyone.

Problems are solved by people but no problems get solved if the people who were born to solve them never are. Men should reject this trap.


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