The Leftist Culture of Fear and Loathing

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If you’ve read Nick Arama’s article on Friday about MSNBC host Joy Reid’s claim that she was too scared to go outside on the 4th of July because people have guns, then you’re probably wondering, as I am, whether or not she believes what she says or, more importantly, if anyone else feels the same way she does.

The answer is “yes.” She does have an audience after all and we can assume that at least some of them aren’t watching because they’re waiting to see what ridiculous thing she says next.

Arama wrote something that got my attention that I wanted to bring up because it highlights a core strategy of leftist programming, and when I say “programming” I don’t mean television programming…I mean brainwashing:

It reminds me of the liberal fears/narrative during COVID. I had a friend who used to love to go out with his family and travel, go to nice restaurants. But with COVID he refused, saying it could place his life in danger. For three years, he restricted himself that way, cutting off the things that had given him enjoyment in life because of the narrative being preached. Then, when Joe Biden said the emergency was over, he decided it was okay to resume his life as he had before. How sad that so much of his life was cut off because of the fear.

Fear works well if you’re trying to control people. I even knew a handful of conservatives who were scared into compliance over COVID, and these were people I would consider pretty smart. Fear is powerful. It is “the oldest and strongest emotion of mankind” as H.P. Lovecraft once pointed out. It’s a deep-seated instinct that can override rationality at any given moment.

And it’s a tool that the left uses more often than any other. All of their lies and misdirections are done for the purpose of having you arrive at fear and anxiety over something. Even the very concept of social justice, the left’s favorite social weapon, is based on the fear of one group conquering and harming another.

The politics of the left is the politics of fear.

It’s pretty easy to understand why they want to use fear so often. When someone is afraid they naturally do a few things. Fearful people feel isolated and begin seeking help. They want quick solutions that return their world to some sort of stability.

A predatory person can waltz in with a “solution” that promises to restore control to the situation in some way, shape, or form, and the fearful person is just susceptible enough to accept this “solution.” For the left, the “solution” is always for the fearful to give up some control of their own lives to authority or some sort of collective. It also allows them to place blame on the creation of said fear on a person or group, creating an “us vs them” attitude resulting in more control out of fear of a threat.

Joy Reid is scared of guns, or so she claims. She wants her fear to infect others, and if she’s successful then those people may be willing to give up their right to bear arms to Democrats promising a safer America. All you have to do is allow them to take something from you in order for you to be safe…oh, and hate Republicans and conservatives who want to keep their guns.

It’s absolutely counter-productive and makes no sense when you zoom out even a little. The issue isn’t guns in our society, it’s that we have a cultural issue that continues to go unaddressed. If America did have a gun issue, then the millions and millions of gun owners across the nation would be shooting at one another without ceasing. America would be a warzone with bodies stacked on the corners of every town in America, and despite what they tell you in the media, it’s not.

America doesn’t have a gun issue, it has a media issue.

I’ll give you another example of how fear is used to make susceptible people obey, and it comes in the form of making our youth afraid. As I’ve covered in the past, the transgender blitzkrieg on our culture is primarily aimed at the youth, taking advantage of its natural ignorance and social anxieties to cause them to question their own identities and take some form of control by identifying as something they say they are instead of what they really are.

Phobia indoctrination is the practice of instilling irrational fears into a person or group of people and then using those fears to manipulate them into obedience to the point where they’re ready to accept bald-faced lies with no problems. It’s a tactic often used by cults but is used widely by transgender activists to cause the youth to fall into the gender fluidity camp. Once these activists have their claws into a person, they can begin isolating them from the people who actually care about them through fears of violence and hatred that don’t actually exist.

(READ: How the Transgender Community Uses Cult-like Tactics and Unmitigated Fear to Seduce and Destroy)

It’s a sad fact that many of these kids do not suffer from gender dysphoria but were fooled into thinking they do, and thanks to the fear-inducing tactics of the activists, they cut themselves off from help and even self-police so as not to anger the greater activist community and bring their wrath against them.

Fear is the top method of control. Conquering your fear makes you more independent and hardy against would-be authoritarians.

The Bible tells us not to be afraid quite a bit, (103 times) and while the context is different from one verse to another, the goal is always the encouragement to master oneself. Self-realization and wisdom always follow. The left doesn’t want you to be too self-aware and they definitely don’t want you wise to what they’re doing. They want you afraid, gullible, hateful, and ready to be controlled.



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