The Dam of the People's Patience Is Breaking and Leftists Activists Are Going to Drown

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Picture a scenario where your neighbor comes out every time you step outside your front door and screams that you’re an “a**hole.” The first time you hear it, you might think you accidentally did something wrong and ask how you’re being one. However, the response you get from your neighbor is that “you know what you did” and he retreats inside.

The following day the scenario repeats. You come outside, and your neighbor repeats the accusation. You ask for him to help you understand what you’ve done that’s wronged him, but he responds with something akin to “if you have to ask then you’re a bigger a**shole than I thought.” He then goes back inside, leaving you perplexed and, more importantly, annoyed.

This pattern continues for a few more days with your annoyance steadily increasing until one day, after being accused of being an a**hole, something snaps in your brain. Whatever concern you had about being an a**hole disappears. You might just conclude that your neighbor is a bit wackadoo and his accusations are based on some psychological issue. You might start returning his fire, calling him an “a**hole” and daring him to come and say it to your face. You might openly laugh at him and make dismissive comments at him.

Either way, you’re done with taking him seriously.

That same scenario is playing out on a macro scale between America and leftist activists. The general populace has been labeled as homophobic, transphobic, racist, bigoted, and whatever else the leftists can think of for so long that people are growing numb to it.

There once was a time when being accused of any social sin was devastating. Cancel culture really was something that had people scared to speak out. Hell, you didn’t have to really say anything wrong. People could just take something innocuous and turn it into something evil. It was a witchhunt in need of witches and if it couldn’t find any, it’d make some.

Then something snapped.

People of all stripes began experiencing the same issue with the radical left no matter what side of the aisle they were on. It was pretty clear that America wasn’t the mean, racist, bigoted place they accused it of being and, moreover, that they didn’t actually have any real power unless we gave it to them. Let them accuse and throw their tantrums. The more they do, the fewer who take them seriously.

Then came the pushback. People began welcoming the anger, laughing about it, and even going so far as to bait it. People who typically tried to keep neutral positions now found themselves speaking out.

A huge example of this is the recent dustup within the gaming community where entertainers like Nickmercs and Dr. Disrespect spoke out against Activision after it punished the former for merely suggesting that LGBT activists leave kids alone.

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The funny thing is, this prompted popular leftist streamer Hasan Piker — a wealthy “socialist” famous for saying America deserved 9/11 — to say that Dr. Disrespect cared more about Nickmercs than his own wife, a reference to a moment of infidelity that Dr. Disrespect had years ago and has since been healed over between him and his wife.

This kind of thing might have caused Dr. Disrespect to shut up and get back to gaming a few years ago, not wishing to invite any more controversy and letting the whole thing blow over. But this time, Dr. Disrespect returned Piker’s fire and referred to him as a “phony.”

This resulted in a full-on attack against Piker online.

You might see this and think “It’s just some drama between streamers” but this entire interaction is based on a social issue that would have previously had most people shutting up and keeping their heads down. Now we have a full-blown back and forth with non-political people accusing political people of being “phony.”

I’ll give you an even better example.

Jameel Jamil from the ultra-leftist show She-Hulk: Attorney at Law was discussing the new Oscars categories becoming “gender-neutral” and how it shuts out women. She suggested that non-binary people be given their own category instead. Merely suggesting this caused a massive amount of backlash to hit Jamil’s comments and messages, but something else began happening. She got a flood of messages from people indicating the fact that they can’t even talk about it with leftists because they throw tantrums over it.

“I am receiving literally thousands of messages from people saying that THIS IS WHY they don’t engage in liberal social justice anymore. Because we cannot even ask questions in good faith,” Jamil said in a post on Sunday.

Then she did the unthinkable. She lambasted leftists for their zealous behavior.

“I’m not worried about me, I don’t get very affected by it, it’s become just a sad truth in my work that you are easily called a bigot and lumped in with actual bigots who get away Scott free [sic] because liberals throw literally anyone who doesn’t show total obedience into that pool,” said Jamil.

“People are quiet-quitting the left and it’s because of reductive, combative extremists,” she added.

To be clear, Jamil is absolutely on the left but even she thinks the left has gone too far. In fact, you’ll notice quite a few celebrities coming out and denouncing the radical behavior of leftists and leftist thought. Evangeline Lilly of “Ant-Man” fame spoke out in favor of masculinity and denounced modern feminism’s infection in movies.

It’s happening more and more from the common people to the celebrity. People’s patience is running out when it comes to the activists, and soon the fear and/or goodwill that the people had will dissipate to the point of the leftist activists losing their grip on society.

The radical left has only themselves to blame. This is what happens when you try to conquer people who have a habit of refusing to be conquered.



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