The Trump Indictment Is the Quiet Canary in the American Coal Mine

“Late stage empire.”

It’s a phrase that’s been ricocheting around in my head for some time now, and it only gets louder every time I sit down to write an article. I’m old enough to remember the time just decades ago when normalcy felt more easily come by and there was at least some semblance of respect for morality and rules.


This normalcy is part of what made the United States of America so powerful. We were a nation that many dared not confront or anger and yet everyone wanted to come to. Angering her had severe consequences. However, lurking in the shadows was a simple fact; we’re not invincible and any empire is capable of collapse. It happened to Rome, it happened to Great Britain, and now I’m sad to say it’s on the verge of happening to the United States of America.

And right on time as well. Historically, empires tend to crumble at the height of the people’s belief in and reliance on their nation’s prosperity. The good times create weak men who become so comfortable in their self-assurances that they ignore the cracks forming in the foundations of their civilization. America’s prosperity in tandem with its technological advancement made life so good that people began to search for problems to be bothered by. If they didn’t have any, they’d make them up, even going so far as to deny basic reality to do so. This kind of thinking creates very hostile groups, and those groups need enemies, and those enemies are hard to find.

These groups are very easily manipulated. All you have to do is demonize their enemies to the point of mythical villainhood and you’ve got yourself a boogie man you can scare people into compliance with.

In the modern era, there is no greater example of this manipulation than the hatred and fear of Donald J. Trump.

I don’t need to replay the history for you. You were there as the Democrat Party, activist community, and media spent years attempting to assassinate Trump’s character by exaggerating every flaw and lying through their teeth about his various “crimes.” Through their efforts, they created a visage of Trump that made him seem so horrible and dangerous that they managed to coerce and scare many Americans into thinking that getting rid of him was the only way to stop the madness.


The madness in question?

He wasn’t one of them. He was willing to call out the lies of the swamp and laugh as they gnash teeth, rend garments, and screech accusations. It never stopped even after he was out of office on very sketchy grounds and continued well up to now. It’s now that we come to the indictment brought against him. Here we see can clearly see the cracks of a late-stage empire forming.

As RedState previously reported, Trump had 37 felony counts brought against him “including willful retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice, withholding documents, corruptly concealing records, concealing documents in a federal investigation, scheming to conceal, and making false statements.”

Trump would sum up what was going on later that day at a rally in New Jersey:

“Our country has tears because of what’s happening. We have fake elections, we have no borders, we have inflation, we have – everything is just going wrong.

“We now have two standards of justice in our country. The Democrat Communists who jail their opponents while they protect the murderers who prowl our cities day and night, and other brazen criminals.

Of all the issues that we’re having, the powers that be in the Democrat machine are far less interested in the threats being posed to America and far more scared of the threats being posed to the Party.

I have no doubt that Trump is a major threat to the Democrats. As I’ve said for some time now, if he manages to get back into the White House, you can bet that the retaliation against them will be severe. It will be personal and unrelenting just as the attacks against him were personal and unrelenting.


But I’m not here to tell you to vote for Trump. That’s not the purpose of this article. The purpose is to point out that if it’s happening to him, it can just as easily happen to you and with far more success. The Democrat Party has shown its hand and it’s the fist of a dictator, and it’s willing to, very openly, bring that fist down on anyone or anything that it perceives as a threat. It’s willing to go to any lengths and abuse any power it can to maintain its grip on you and this country.

You can despise Trump in every which way. That’s fine, but we make a severe mistake by allowing our personal grievances against a man to convince us to pardon corrupt actions by a supposedly fair system we all live under. Today it’s Trump, tomorrow it’s you, your spouse, your sons and daughters, your duly elected local official, and more.

Not standing up for Trump at this point is agreeing that a dictatorship is okay if the conditions are right. It’s an open invitation for corruption by the people. It’s the endorsement of a banana republic and the promotion of a two-tier justice system. It’s the hard beginning of the late-stage empire.

You can vote against Trump in the primary later. Today, stand in front of him and draw a line because ultimately that line isn’t for Trump, it’s for you, your family, your friends, and your countrymen.

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