'Unrelenting Assault': James Woods Blisters Establishment's Plan to Take Down Trump

When Twitter boss James Woods tweets, people pay attention; both those who’ve tried to silence the conservative Hollywood actor and those who applaud his courage to say it like it is— to say what he means and mean what he says. On Sunday, Woods took it to the paint — hard.


The actor launched a tweet attack against “both sides of the uniparty” and its plan to destroy Donald Trump‘s 2024 presidential campaign — or worse — showing yet again that when Woods unleashes his fury, he believes his targets deserve every word of it — and perhaps far more.

Woods fired off a long single tweet in which he absolutely nailed the effort to effectively destroy Trump; let’s break it down.

Woods began:

Twitter is an amazing place. As crazy as the postings can be, if you’re familiar with patterns and algorithms and political party bots, you can easily identify trends.

Ah, algorithms. In simple terms, an algorithm is “a procedure used for solving a problem or performing a computation. Algorithms act as an exact list of instructions that conduct specified actions step by step in either hardware- or software-based routines.”

However, in the control of powers that seek to manipulate, suppress, or ban content that counters their various narratives, we’re talking Orwellian stuff.  If Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pops into your mind, you’re not alone: Conservative political writers have long been familiar with Zuck’s manipulation of Facebook’s algorithm to suppress conservative content — and he’s far from the Lone Ranger.

Toss in political bots, as Woods suggested — “automated social media accounts” that can create “misinformation networks” that spread lies and intentionally sow seeds of partisan division — and even worse, the potentially destructive field of artificial intelligence (AI), and for those intent on manipulating political opinion, the possibilities are virtually limitless.


Woods continued:

So, this looks to be the left’s plan:

a) Continue the unrelenting assault on the one true outsider to the swamp. Cripple him in slow motion with a thousand cuts, because to destroy him in one violent blow would confer martyrdom.

While I have no comments on “martyrdom” and such notions, Woods is correct relative to the relentless efforts of the Democrat Party — accompanied by its lapdog media sock puppets flying wingman — to discredit, if not destroy, Donald Trump from the very moment he rode down the Trump Tower “Golden Escalator” to announce his presidential candidacy in June 2015. Trump “will never win,” they thought, and when he did win, Trump Derangement Syndrome stage 4 was born, and the left never looked back.

Next up, as Woods sees it:

b) Neuter any viable substitute genuinely conservative candidate. The sudden flurry of classic DNC talking point attacks against DeSantis have all the earmarks of the commie playbook. So obvious, they’re boring.

Bingo. All one needs to do is look at the left-wing media’s relentless attacks on Ron DeSantis, and even his wife, Casey DeSantis, and it often appears that the Democrats fear the popular governor even more than they fear Trump. Perhaps the left looks at attacking both candidates as an “insurance policy,” of sorts, or covering all of the viable bases — just in case.


Next up, from Woods:

c) Coddle the usual “hands-across-the aisle” RINO sucker fish like Romney, et al.

Yup. Toss in Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, and their pretend-conservative ilk, and it couldn’t be clearer.

And finally, Woods really took it to the paint against “all these political hogs” slopping at the same “trough.”

Why? Because there is only one trough and all these political hogs slop at it side by side. Donald Trump’s election was NEVER supposed to happen. Hillary’s hubris fumbled an easy walk to the goal line, and all hell broke loose – the corruption, the child trafficking, the globalist payoffs, all of it was exposed.

Now BOTH sides of the uniparty can’t wait to get it back to the comfortable swamp where they can slither around together in happy denizen heaven, making deals, getting rich, and swapping mistresses and pool boys.

Once the Twitter Boss, always the Twitter Boss.

Incidentally, after I wrote “boss” in the last line, I checked the word count of my draft: 666. Interesting, huh?

The Bottom Line

As of the publication time of this article, Donald Trump was scheduled to be arraigned in a Miami courthouse at 3:00, ET. Where the case goes from there — and how it ultimately plays out — is dominating the news, political opinion sites, and social media “as we speak.”

And after the case is “settled”? Trump told Politico in an interview aboard his plane he’ll continue running for president even if he’s convicted. “I’ll never leave,” he said.

And there we stand, as the political bandwagon plays on.


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