The Pulse of the Accusation of 'Racism' Is Starting to Weaken and Fade

AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer

There was a time when the mere threat of the accusation of “racism” truly struck fear into the heart of many an American. The worry was well-founded. Simply being labeled as a racist by anyone was enough to destroy your reputation and possibly your livelihood. To this day, corporations go above and beyond to prove they aren’t racist by adopting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs that change the businesses hiring practices from hiring on merit to hiring based on identity, namely skin color.

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Indeed, the accusation of racism is the left’s favorite weapon and it’s no wonder. The accusation has been an incredibly effective method of control for decades. Anything that runs contrary to their agenda or is troublesome in any way to any Democrat in particular gets labeled “racist” even if there’s no racism attached to it at all.

In fact, the left use it so much that if you listen closely, you can hear it being screeched repeatedly like the seagulls repeating “mine” in Finding Nemo.

But like any blade repeatedly used to lop off the heads of one’s enemies, the edge is starting to dull. The fear of being called a racist is increasingly lessening and people are feeling more annoyed with it than they are afraid of it.

And why shouldn’t they?

No matter what you do, it’s somehow racist. The mere act of breathing is considered racist.

I wish I was exaggerating. 

Just take a look at the things that have been called “racist” recently.

Being asked to show up for work is racist.

Being on time is racist.

Owning a dog is racist.

Having a good credit score is racist.

Owning a home is racist.

Defending yourself or your home is racist.

Breathing clean air is racist. (Told you)

Hiking is racist.

Being fit and healthy is racist.

I could go on, but you get the point. Everything is racist. Even if you’ve helped the black community become more successful, given them more opportunities, and earned their vote like former President Donald Trump, you’re racist.

As Sister Toldjah reported on Monday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was referred to by a Broadway actress as the “Grand Wizard” during the Tony Awards. What did he do to deserve that? Absolutely nothing. DeSantis has done nothing racist, but he’s a successful Republican and, as such, is the most racist person since the last most racist person.

At some point, the accusation of racism begins to lose its threat. If you’re going to be called racist for merely existing, then why should you worry about being labeled one?

Don’t get me wrong, racism still very much exists but it doesn’t exist in the way the left says it does. There aren’t white-robed KKK members marching down the street carrying lynching ropes. There certainly are online keyboard warriors that like to drop the “N-word” and complain about Jews, however, looking at the Western world as a whole, this group is incredibly minuscule and you’re not likely to ever run into them in the wild.

No, the vast majority of the racists you’ll find in the open belong to the left. The left is openly hostile to white people and blames them for nearly every wrong the first world experiences, however, they have no issue lashing out at anyone of any color if they cross them. You can ask Justice Clarence Thomas or Larry Elder about that. The term “white supremacist” can be thrown at anyone, including black and Hispanic people.

So what’s not racist?

According to the left, nothing they do is racist. Nicolle Wallace claims there isn’t a “strain of racism” on the left despite it having a long history of it that is ongoing to this day. Joe Biden took it upon himself to revoke black people’s blackness if they didn’t vote for him. Democrats often treat the black community like children, even going so far as to speak more simply around them. The very existence of DEI programs stems from the belief that without leftist intervention, minorities can’t make it on their own.

Remember when Lamar County Democratic Party chair Gary O’Connor called South Carolina Republican Tim Scott an “Oreo?”

If Democrats aren’t guilty of outright racism, they’re guilty of the soft bigotry of low expectations. They’re easily the most racist group in America, yet they unceasingly fling the accusation every which way.

At some point, the term just stops being such a threat and becomes just one more piece of noise coming from the screeching leftist machine. I’m watching in real time as more and more people speak out against issues that wouldn’t have been touched by a majority of people long ago and when accused they don’t go into defensive postures, they shrug it off.

It will still be some time before politicians and corporations catch up, but it’s inevitable. The constant use of the word is making it meaningless to people and rightly so. The word has controlled mainstream behavior for far too long, and if anything, minorities have suffered the most thanks to it.



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