The Hilarious Truth About the People the Most Angry About Trump's Town Hall

AP Photo/John Raoux

If you haven’t yet witnessed the meltdown happening on social media due to former President Donald Trump’s CNN town hall then you should. My colleagues at RedState have done a fine job of cataloging some of the best.

Particularly, Bonchie’s coverage of AOC and the Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson was solid. Rick Wilson, in particular, seemed exceptionally furious about Trump’s face appearing on CNN, dropping more f-bombs than Scarface and expressing more outrage than a Karen at a restaurant on a bad day. He even berated the manager, Chris Licht.

(READ: AOC and Rick Wilson Hilariously Melt Down Over Trump’s CNN Town Hall)

In fact, if you were to hit up Twitter, you would have seen a tidal wave of virtuous outrage from quite a few people. Trump is one of the few characters in our nation that can cause people to have meltdowns by simply existing. Ironically, it’s one of the reasons he’s so popular. If the left had never mentioned him again after 2020, never kicked him off of Twitter, and simply moved on from the January 6 event as they did with the Black Lives Matter riots, then Trump wouldn’t possess half as much steam as he does.

But that would also mean they’d lose a lot of purpose.

See, the very people who scream the loudest about anything Trump does are the same people who have the most to gain from him sticking around. CNN is one such entity. After Trump was “voted” out of office, CNN’s ratings began to plummet. The network couldn’t stop the bleeding, so much so that once Chris Licht took control of CNN after Jeff Zucker’s unceremonious ousting, Licht began stripping the network of various things to make it more cost-effective, namely CNN+.

By February of 2023, CNN had hit a record low in viewership.

If anyone has anything to gain by Trump’s return, it’d be CNN, the very network that openly embraced lies and mistruths to hurt Trump. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that CNN wished to give Trump a town hall. The ratings they likely got from it probably made them feel like a network again.

The same can be said about The Lincoln Project. The Rick Wilson-led group was created upon the rise of Donald Trump and found its relevance in his shadow. Without Trump, The Lincoln Project is just a group of angry former Republicans naysaying anything Republicans do.

Reporters and activist groups alike would immediately find relevancy again with the return of Trump, and so would many social justice keyboard warriors.

The dirty secret about the modern left is that they need Trump. Like Gollum in the “Lord of the Rings” both hates and loves the One Ring due to his mental enslavement to it, the left is equally mentally enslaved to Trump. They both hate him and love him. While they curse him and spit at his name, they would love nothing more than for him to return to their filthy, needy handses.

If you need proof of this, consider the common leftist accusation. If a leftist accuses someone of anything with as much gusto and vitriol as they can muster, then the chances are they themselves are likely guilty of it themselves and are looking to misdirect the public and possibly themselves.

One of the most common accusations of the left is that Republicans worship Trump like some sort of god. You probably don’t even if you are a fan. You might even lean toward DeSantis. No matter what, you will probably be accused of being a “MAGAT” or “Trumper” or something along those lines. These people squawk the name “Trump” constantly like the seagulls from Finding Nemo.

This is because the true MAGA fans are the same leftists who spend more time than not cursing Trump. They desperately want him back. If he does, they’ll find life once more. They can truly hate again. Their focus point for all of today’s ills, both societal and personal, will have returned to them.


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