Welcome to 'Democracy' With Your Hosts, the Democrats

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

I’ve written articles in the past about the true meaning of “Democracy,” and how it’s a buzzword used by the left to make people think that it’s a government system of the people, for the people, and by the people. In truth, democracy is the key to authoritarian power.

It has no real checks and balances. The people in charge are about as elected as Kim Jong Un is. Democracy is so filled with corruption and manipulation that it’s hard to know where it begins and ends. Crowds can be led like chickens with social movements based on lies and bad information. You can see that in effect today.

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That’s why our founding fathers were wise enough to toss out the idea of democracy and institute a constitutional republic with all the checks and balances against the government that they could think of. Personally, in retrospect, I wish they’d implemented a few more.

No one loves the idea of a democracy more than the Democrat Party. They can’t go one speech without mentioning how this, that, and everything that doesn’t fall under their approved umbrella is a “threat to Democracy.” Anyone with even a hint of wisdom will understand quickly that the “threat to Democracy” is really just a threat to their power.

The Democrat Party is concerned with one thing and one thing only; control. All their virtue signaling about the LGBT community, women, abortions, and minorities is just a means to obtaining the end of control. They will toss away any of their professed principles in order to maintain and grow their power. It has no other mandates than that.

As Mike Miller wrote on Tuesday, the Democrats have officially declared that the 2024 primary will not allow debates between candidates to happen. President Joe Biden is the nominee and that’s the end of it. If you were hoping there’d be another candidate to possibly choose from, then that’s too bad. Your man is Biden, whether you like it or not.

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The Democrats know this isn’t a popular move with the people. A whopping 70 percent of people don’t want Biden to run again and wish for someone else in the White House.

This matters little to the people in charge at the DNC. In Biden, they have a perfect little geriatric puppet whose strings they can pull behind the scenes, acting in the shadows, while their patsy takes all the barbs and blame. Biden hardly knows where he is half the time and he’s an international embarrassment, but the point isn’t the success and reputation of America and its people. The point of it all is power.

This disallowance of any debate is a perfect representation of just how much the Democrat Party doesn’t actually care about Democracy. The people want something, and they’re not going to get it.

The Democrats don’t want a Democracy. It would be the worst day for the Democrat Party if they were actually forced to obey what the people wanted. In this case, they’d have to give up power in order to substitute someone else for the mentally confused man, well past retirement, and risk someone getting into office who would actually take charge and lead the Party in a direction they might not like.

If you were to give these Democrats all the power, then you clearly wouldn’t have a Democracy—you’d have a dictatorship where your leader is decided for you and the few would have total rule over the many. You would have an oligarchy, and the people would matter just as little as they do now to the leaders, only now they can show it without worry.



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