The Social Justice Movement Is the Perfect Argument Against a Democracy

AP Photo/Noah Berger

The social justice movement isn’t something to scoff at. While it’s filled to the brim with ignorance, stupidity, and childish behavior, it weaponized these qualities into a force that is capable of infecting any institution it comes across.

Logic and sense are disregarded and its enemies are either shouted down, assaulted, or even killed. When that does happen, you can watch as the infected institutions do their best to show their support for the thugs and killers that did the deed.

Recent events make that clear.

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Meanwhile, a continued declaration keeps ringing out from the left and it should worry people.

“We live in a democracy!”

You’ve heard that proclaimed from the left all the time. Democrat politicians love talking about “protecting our democracy” or how some picayune action by a Republican or a group of conservatives is a “threat to our democracy.”

These phrases and claims of living in a democracy are an absolute lie when it comes from those in elected office, especially federal positions. The United States of America is not a democracy, it’s a constitutional republic. The differences between the two seem slight on the surface but couldn’t be more monumentally different in practice.

When described to someone wholly ignorant of the difference, “democracy” sounds like a much more freedom-oriented style of governance while the constitutional republic sounds far less dynamic and more complicated. Funny enough, authoritarians gravitate more toward the “democracy” angle, and for good reason.

Democracy allows for manipulation and corruption to a great degree, while a constitutional republic makes that far more difficult thanks to the checks and balances.

Look at the legal definition of both.

For “constitutional republic” we get:

A form of government in which officials are elected by citizens to lead them as directed by their country’s constitution.

And for “democracy” we get:

A form of government in which the power is held by the people, often administered by agents elected in a free election system.

Note the difference in wording. The constitutional republic has hard walls that citizen-elected officials can’t bypass while a democracy is a rule by the people, who elect agents via a system that allows these people to choose collectively.

The major difference in practice is easy to see. In a constitutional republic, the law, while changeable, requires a system of checks and balances before it can be changed or enforced. It enforces order, not just for the people, but for the government itself.

For Democracy, if the people want something done, all they need to do is demand it. That sounds like a great way of doing things until you realize that people can be misled, driven to unwarranted fits of anger, and panic at the slightest hint of trouble.

This line from Men In Black describes “the people” best.

Effectively, democracy allows a reactionary mob to rule. This can be incredibly dangerous as it would push out civilized concepts such as “innocent until proven guilty.” If the mob decides an innocent man is guilty of a crime without a trial, then that person is subject to punishment despite his innocence. Moreover, the mob would get to decide his punishment, and a brutal death isn’t off the table.

To see this, we need merely to look at the social justice movement’s favorite weapon, cancel culture.

How many people have been attacked and their lives destroyed by cancel culture? How many of those around them were destroyed just by being close to that person?

And how many of those people were truly guilty of what they were accused of or deserved the punishment that was handed down to them by the ignorant but righteously angry mob?

The social justice movement is the epitome of democracy gone wrong. It denies reality and embraces narratives that are patently false in order to feel justified for unnecessary actions. It readily creates enemies and does not forgive even perceived slights. Moreover, it is easily manipulated and cannot be persuaded to the correct path.

Sadly, social justice is the modern mainstream ideology. This has made it more dangerous than it really needs to be, but it highlights perfectly why Democracy is a bad idea.


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