The Left Gives Up Its Claim as the 'Party of Science' When It Endorses Transgenderism

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The great thing about science is that it’s completely impartial when done correctly. You can set out with a hypothesis but the information you receive in pursuit of proving it may disprove it completely.

Science, in its true form, ignores modern social norms. It doesn’t change itself to save the feelings of one group or another. It doesn’t sign on with an activist group’s agenda. When the scientific method is applied properly, what it uncovers is more reality about the world around us.

This can be inconvenient for any group, but it’s incredibly inconvenient for political groups and the more authoritarian the political group, the more inconvenient the discoveries by science become.

Enter the Democrat Party.

There is a myriad of discoveries made consistently that defy the Democrat’s agenda. For instance, during the pandemic, authoritarian governors, mayors, and county judges loved to push the idea that lockdowns, mask mandates, and forced vaccines were going to save the world. People lost their livelihoods, their freedom, and their sanity as these would-be dictators said that they were doing all of this under the impartial direction of “the science.”

“The science” was thrown around haphazardly and seemed more like a game of “Simon Says.” If “the science” says it has to be done, then you have to do it, or else. Of course, all of it was absolute and demonstrable nonsense. Regular citizens found out real quickly that no mandates were solving the issue. People would post 10-second TikToks that destroyed the arguments that the masks were keeping us safe. Moreover, the vaccines were clearly ineffective by virtue of the fact that people were still getting sick.

This is the same Democrat Party that loves to tout that “the science” wholly backs its climate alarmism, yet it disallows real debate on the subject, and despite the fact that all the predictions and models end up proving to be false, they keep making new ones to cause the gullible to panic.

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“The science is settled!” they declare on the left, not realizing (or not caring) that declaring science settled is an incredibly unscientific thing to do.

I could leave it there and declare my point made, but the transgender blitzkrieg our culture is currently going through is proof positive that the left has absolutely no interest in science.

I don’t need to go too deep into their claims as you’ve had them shoved into your face for the past five or six years, but the long and short of it is that “gender” as they see it, is interchangeable. Not only can a man be a woman at the moment a claim is made, but a woman can also be a man, or both genders or no gender at all. They can adopt zany “neo-pronouns” that reflect their true self such as “bugself” or “zeeself.”

Their reaction to being told this is all nonsense is “‘the science’ says it’s true.”

This is nothing short of an abject lie. As a report from The New Atlantis showed in 2016, the idea that people can just flit from one gender to the next has no basis in science whatsoever. Claims that science is involved have never gotten past describing the mental illness that fuels the idea of transgenderism, “gender dysphoria.” While gender dysphoria is very real, it is faulty wiring in the brain leading one to believe they’re something they’re not. It does not make gender change.

Yet, every entity on the left from the politicians in Washington to the mainstream media is touting transgenderism as if it’s a scientific law as immutable as gravity. As’s Jesse Singal wrote in great detail, it touts three incredibly flawed scientific studies as if they were perfect proof that gender is a fluid concept:

Despite the backbreaking errors of that nine-authored paper, the severe limitations of the Cornell review, and the near-utter-irrelevance of the United States Transgender Survey, all three are chronically trotted out as evidence that we know transgender medicine is profoundly helpful, or that detransition or regret are rare — or both. It’s frustrating enough that these lacklustre arguments are constantly made on social media, where all too many people get their scientific information. But what’s worse is that many journalists have perpetuated this sad state of affairs. A cursory Google search will reveal that these three works have been treated as solid evidence by the Associated PressSlateSlate againThe Daily BeastScientific American and other outlets. The NYT, meanwhile, further publicised Cornell’s half-baked systematic review by giving Nathaniel Frank a whole column to tout its misleading findings back in 2018.

It’s not science, it’s politics.

The finger-wagging from the left at everyone else for not accepting a proven lie as truth is a bad habit that the left has no intention of kicking. It will go so far as to advocate for the ruination of children’s lives if it means they can push the lie enough to make it a “well-known” truth.

The Democrat Party has absolutely not right to call itself “the party of science.” It is a party of political posturing, virtue signaling, and lies.




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