JK Rowling's Real Magical Contribution to Society Is One We Can All Enjoy

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Harry Potter’s J.K. Rowling is an interesting person in mainstream society. She’s somewhere at the top of the public enemy list for the left because she absolutely refuses to acknowledge that transgender women are actually women and consistently fights on behalf of women and their spaces.

This has endeared her to everyone else. While she’s well-beloved for creating the wizarding world, her activism has made her something of a political figurehead in the cultural war to resist the transgender activist community’s societal blitzkrieg.

That said, she’s still a woman who resides heavily on the leftward side of the political spectrum, making it hard for right-leaning folks to wholly embrace her. While they’re more than appreciative of her stances in one sector, she’s considered outright silly in all the others.

Still, Rowling isn’t without her merits. While the Harry Potter series is a worldwide phenomenon with fans spanning multiple generations, there’s a much greater contribution to the real world she’s responsible for and it might be one that many people haven’t seen yet.

It’s not a book or a film. It’s not a video game. It’s actually a very simple, logical conclusion.

The internet isn’t real life. 

You might be thinking, “Yeah, duh,” but the truth of the matter is that I don’t think many people truly understand just how much of a liar the online world is.

To understand this more fully, you can look at the success of “Hogwarts Legacy,” a video game that was torn to pieces by online gaming reviewers and leftist activists as aggressively mediocre and transphobic. These claims were made, not because the game was at all transphobic (it featured a transgender barkeeper prominently) but because it took place in a world owned by Rowling.

They attempted to guilt people into not buying it and shame those who did buy it very loudly in order to make an example of them. A list was even made where streamers were put on it so they would either be avoided or shamed by the mob.

In the end, however, the game was so successful that a sequel was immediately announced and HBO Max has now announced that a Harry Potter reboot would be made, this time as a series.

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Again, if you were to go online and even Google Hogwarts Legacy before the game’s release, you would think that the entire world was moving against the game. The clues were there that the game was going to sell big and for some outlets, that was an undeniable fact, but in the end, reality proved the exact opposite of what the radical left had wanted.

It’s imperative to remember that the radical left is well-coordinated, well-funded, highly motivated, and very, very small. They are a mouse casting a shadow on the wall while standing in front of a fire they lit. When the people are truly motivated to work against them, the left crumbles and is forced to sit, watch, and rage uselessly.

There have been multiple examples, including Chick-fil-A and Goya, but still, the people haven’t quite figured out that in the end, the left is a hollow threat that’s being taken far too seriously. The fact that it’s been taken seriously at all contributes to its power and its growth.

Belief in the danger of the radicals makes them dangerous.

If anything, Rowling’s successful career is proof positive of this point, and even some major media outlets are recognizing this simple fact.

This is a lesson for everyone from the common citizen to the CEO. The internet is not real. The danger posed by the mob isn’t real. You need not cave to them. In fact, laughing at them is the best course of action possible.

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