Career Threats Have Been Issued to Streamers for Playing 'Hogwarts Legacy'

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The video game “Hogwarts Legacy” has finally launched for early access streamers and the controversy surrounding the game has caused all hell to break loose.


Activist mobs and their allies have begun attacking streamers who are playing the game live. One such streamer couple called “Girlfriend Reviews” was bullied so badly that Shelby, the girlfriend of the duo, walked away from the stream sounding as if she was holding back tears while her boyfriend “Matt” decided to stay silent through the playthrough.

It gets worse.

Now, a website has been created where people can effectively turn in streamers who have or are streaming the game, creating a list of guilty people. Not only does this create a list for the mob, but it could also result in the destruction of the careers of various streamers.

As Fox News reported, warnings have been issued to streamers looking to play the game for an audience with some noting that the list could be used against you now or in the future:

Many Twitch streamers and commentators predicted that the website would quickly become a cancelation tool for those who dare to play a video game that is tied to the “Harry Potter” franchise, especially after J. K. Rowling was attacked for being “transphobic.”

Political commentator Ian Miles Cheong attempted to caution streamers, some of whom rely on the platform as their main source of income, about the site. “Warning to any Twitch streamers: If you stream Hogwarts Legacy, you can say goodbye to your career. The LGBT activists have created a website to check to see if you’ve even streamed the game at all. Expect your sponsors to leave you over transphobia.”

“Good to see the boycotting has naturally turned into targeted harassment. With its own database to boot! Think I’ll take 2 copies of Hogwarts Legacy now,” popular Twitch streamer told his over 239,000 followers on Twitter.


It’s a disgusting turn of events that even simply playing a video game can result in your life being turned upside down and destroyed, but this is the sad fact about hard-left activism. There can be no nuance or simple disagreement. They demand obedience or they desire your head on a silver platter.

Moreover, the reason for their demand that people do not play the game is ridiculous, to begin with. The claim is that this will enrich Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, whom radical social justice activists and their allies claim is a transphobic bigot. This was proven incredibly false by a Huffington Post writer who set out to write a hit piece about Rowling by listing all her transphobic actions and words, but could find nothing and came to the conclusion that people were “burning the wrong witch.”

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Not that it matters to the emotionally driven. They were told they were owed blood because of wrongdoing against them and so they’ll have it, innocent or not. Anyone thought to be in league with the guilty will be punished accordingly. It’s incredibly sick, and it’s a sad measure of just how brainwashed many in our society are by radicalism.


The best thing to do to fight back is do exactly what they demand we don’t.

So I’ll be streaming Hogwarts Legacy on my Twitch channel. Be sure to follow me there and stop by to watch me play the game!


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