For Woke Employees Within Corporations, the Bill Inevitably Comes Due

Bebeto Matthews

Politics is an expensive sport. There’s no engaging in it without it costing you something. Sometimes it’s money, but too often it’s livelihoods. At its worst, it costs lives.

For corporations, politics is usually bank-breaking. While there have been few examples of politics benefitting a business, most don’t wade into the muck of the swamp and come out clean.

No company is better proof of this than Disney, which began peddling more social justice politics than entertainment to the point where it became so hubristic in its activism as to get involved in the politics of an entire state and attempted to defy the will of its people.

You know the story by now.

At some point, the radicals that had infiltrated Disney began pushing the company further and further to the left in an attempt to make the company more of a vessel for activism and messaging than a company built on entertainment. The movies would have feminist-centric messaging and began suffering from various issues. Not only were they predictable and boring, but they would also disrespect the source material and the fans who enjoyed it.

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In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for Disney to launch campaigns where they painted their critics as being bigoted, sexist, racist, or evil in some capacity. Meanwhile, the critics would be proven right as viewership of their latest product would drop off quickly. Soon, people began losing interest to the point where a new product wasn’t able to get the hype the brand had years before. Audiences just wouldn’t show up at all.

Yet Disney refused to learn its lesson and would continue to push out one piece of woke garbage after another. They would engage in politically-charged race-swapping, plug in LGBT characters in children’s movies, and bait-and-switch legacy characters with new characters that were unlikeable if not nonsensical.

Disney would continue the pattern of disappointing and attacking its audience all in the name of woke politics until a line was crossed and the company found itself in a one-sided battle with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis over the “Parental Rights In Education” bill which Democrats and Disney called the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. Not only is “gay” not mentioned in the bill one time, but the bill’s purpose was to give parents more control and knowledge over what happens to their own children in Florida’s public schools. Regardless, Disney vowed to fight Republicans over this bill.

Disney resisting something that gave power to the parents was a very bad look, especially for a children’s company. Not only were parents across the nation disgusted with this move from Disney, but DeSantis also stripped the company of its tax haven within the state.

Disney came into 2023 battered, beaten, and bleeding from wounds that were mostly self-inflicted. Its market value had fallen by nearly half. Its streaming service was losing subscribers by the thousands.

This brings us to today. On Thursday, I reported on the upcoming “bloodbath” that Disney is ready to undertake in order to save $5.5 billion. While the cuts are scheduled to happen at the end of March and during the course of April, one cut has already occurred in VP of Marvel, Victoria Alonso, the mega-woke feminist partly responsible for the toxic culture that’s infected the franchise.

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As I wrote in the article, this shocking development gives us a pretty good preview as to what’s coming down the line for the 7,000 Disney employees that are about to lose their job.

Customers have made it pretty clear that the issue they have with Disney is its political activism and given Alonso getting the boot, we might be seeing more of her ilk being cut down the line. If Disney has learned anything, it will adhere to good business practices and ditch what is costing it unnecessary money.

While I don’t fully expect Disney to about-face and begin returning back to the ideals that brought the company fame and success in the first place, what I do expect to see is a lot of woke employees thrown out on their asses with the sound of the door slamming and locking behind them. I expect a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth in the coming weeks from Twitter blowhards complaining that Disney is returning back to its roots of racism and bigotry.

But the truth is that this was inevitable. Politics is expensive and at some point, a company that engages in it will eventually run out of capital to engage in it. It will have to make sacrifices and cut the fat.

There is nothing fatter than a leftist activist embedded in the company, and I don’t mean that literally…mostly.

The people who pay the price for politics within the company will, in the end, be the ones who forced the company to engage in it. Eventually, the customer will win against the sneering and hateful showrunners and activists because in the end, the company needs the customer. It doesn’t need the politics.


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