DeSantis' Next Move Against Trump Is Now Before Him

AP Photo/Marta Lavandier

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been the primary target of former President Donald Trump’s political attacks. While seeing one widely loved Republican attack another widely loved Republican is sad to see, the attacks are classic Trump.

DeSantis is, after all, the largest hurdle standing between Trump and his readmittance into the White House. Should he defeat the Florida Governor, his next task would be to defeat Biden which, at this point, is probably going to be a relatively easy task if the GOP doesn’t eat itself alive.

Sadly, eating itself alive is a common GOP trait around elections, so the future is still a coin toss, but I digress.

DeSantis’s popularity was always going to be tough for Trump to overcome because, as I wrote previously, every time he’s attacked by Trump, all DeSantis has to do is what he’s doing. He just does an awesome job being the example every Republican governor should follow.

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In terms of direct action against Trump, all DeSantis had to do was nothing. While Trump called him names and demeaned his character, DeSantis could easily ignore it and allow his governorship to speak for him.

Even his responses to Piers Morgan about Trump’s attacks on him circulated around his leadership style for Florida and didn’t actually demean Trump in the least. Despite what many Trump advocates on Twitter might say, DeSantis really didn’t say anything all that controversial or combative. Reading between the lines, you might see an attack on the people Trump chooses to surround himself with, but even Trump would likely admit that relying on Fauci was a bad decision.

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But this brings us to the current problem before DeSantis in regard to Trump.

The Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has signaled his intent to indict Trump which would lead to the former president’s arrest. Bragg’s intent is to take the hush money paid to Stormy Daniels, which is a misdemeanor, and make it into a felony. It’s a long shot that will likely end in failure for Bragg and a disaster for the Democrat Party overall, but when you’re down bad with TDS and a paid Soros shill, abusing power for personal political reasons is pretty standard.

A few things are pretty obvious right from the get-go. The attempt to arrest Trump is all about 2024. In a world where Democrats commit much greater crimes and have grander scandals going on, Trump paying a porn star looks like trying to arrest a man for stealing a snickers bar while his neighbors are next door cooking meth in broad daylight.

This is clearly corruption at its most obvious and, at its core, it’s absolutely terrifying as it’s proof that all a Democrat needs is to not like you even a little bit, and they will use and abuse the system in order to see you punished forever.

Some people call it extreme, but I agree with Kentucky Senator Rand Paul. Bragg should be arrested and made an example of so that his clear abuse of power doesn’t become a habit in other Democrats.

And here’s where DeSantis finds his moment.

If DeSantis wants to hit Trump, he needs to stand for him. DeSantis should not be seen actually hitting Trump while he’s being attacked by a corrupt DA. What he also should not be doing is staying silent about it.

DeSantis should be in front of cameras making it clear that while Trump might be attacking him relentlessly and unfairly, the idea that any American could be subjected to this kind of abuse from the legal system is unconscionable and should be prosecutable.

If DeSantis wants to catch up to Trump in the polls, he needs to be one of the loudest advocates for him when it comes to this particular situation. If DeSantis even remotely looks like he’s okay with it happening, it’s going to turn a lot of his base off.

While many might say that Trump deserves this treatment, DeSantis should not be one of them. He should look like a leader for all Americans, including the ones that want to destroy him. It would put Florida’s Governor in the spot of looking like the sane choice, especially as Trump continues to double down on attacks on DeSantis with bizarre, unwarranted claims.


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