Welcome to the Age of Forced Homosexuality

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Domino effects or slippery slopes. Call it what you will, but sometimes what seems like the overblown, predicted end results of what seem like innocent actions aren’t always wrong.

Let’s take the LGBT community, for example. Some people warned that the “let us get married” argument was eventually going to lead down a path that ended with LGBT culture being forced on the general populace. It wasn’t necessarily a blind prediction born out of hate. Many saw the activists supporting this cause and saw that they wouldn’t be satisfied with just the “love is love” win. Yet, they were accused of being homophobic and bigoted.

Fast-forward to today, and the predictions came true. Not only is LGBT culture being forced on people from mainstream sources, but indoctrination is also taking place in schools–to the point where pedophilia is actually on the table for these activists.

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To be clear, my libertarianism is pretty strict in terms of personal choices. I’m that supporter of the cliche about the gay couple defending their marijuana fields with their M4s. Hell, I’d even support their ownership of a tank if they wanted one. What grown adults do with one another consensually behind closed doors is none of my business, and I don’t think it should be anyone else’s business either.

The issue is that the LGBT activist community and their allies (not to be confused with the LGBT people who keep to themselves and don’t bother anybody) got a taste of victory and, having felled the first domino, thought that it was their time to dominate the culture and force everyone else into acceptance and obedience. It’s their belief that you should just lie back and take it.

I mean this both figuratively and very, very literally.

Watch this clip below of a man being asked if he would rather have sex with the oldest woman in the world or the hottest trans woman in the world. His reaction is that he’d rather have sex with a very old woman because having sex with a transgender man would make him gay, which he is not. This caused one person in the room to erupt in anger and leave, while another accused him of being “hateful.”

The backlash was more likely to the man saying that transgender women are actually men. He’s not playing along with the narrative that transgender women are females, he’s embracing biological reality. This is one of the fastest ways to infuriate a radical leftist which, as you can see in the video, he did.

But what’s completely being overlooked by many people who get angry about this kind of conversation is that what they’re truly advocating for is people being forced into relationships with transgender people solely to reinforce the mainstream belief that a transgender person is what they identify as. They are effectively trying to shame people into homosexual sex in order to avoid negative labels that would paint them as a societal pariah.

The bottom line here is that this is forced homosexuality, and in a way, it could technically be considered rape. Agreeing to have sex with someone in order to avoid the consequences of not having sex with them is non-consensual sex.

Don’t think this attitude is just being held by a few idiots who managed to place themselves in front of microphones. This is a problem that’s been appearing in various places, including the media. As I covered just last year, the lesbian community has been hit hard with accusations of bigotry and pariah status for denying sex with men who claim they’re women.

Lesbian activist Julia Beck appeared on an episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to talk about how men were invading women’s spaces, including lesbian bars, where women were being pressured to have sex with people they weren’t attracted to and being shamed when they didn’t.

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So, we’re even looking at forced heterosexuality, which I understand was one of the accusations thrown at Christians over conversion therapy and the denial of homosexual marriage.

This is some of the most heinous stuff we’ve ever seen in mainstream culture. What you’re witnessing is the attempt to normalize forcing a certain group of people onto another sexually, in order to achieve what a certain group considers “progress.”

We’re living in sick times. Not only do these activists want to teach your kids that sex with them is okay, they want you to have to have sex with them or else.



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