Joe Biden Will Not Give You the State of the Union

Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

Later tonight, President Joe Biden will get in front of cameras and mumble his way through a prepared speech that will be titled “State of the Union Address.”


That’s the speech’s title, but it won’t be its content. What you will get is a lot of half-truths, lies, and damned lies all designed to help along a narrative that this administration has been selling you from the very beginning.

Biden will tell you that his economy is powerful and that his administration has created more jobs than any other. You need only stroll through your town or city to see that this is a false claim. As RedState reported, a record four in ten Americans say they’re worse off financially since Biden came into office. A whopping 64 percent of Americans are now living paycheck to paycheck thanks to his administration.

He’s going to tell you that our national security is top notch and we’re safer from outside threats than we’ve ever been. This is demonstrably false. As RedState reported, the Biden administration can hardly stop Chinese spy balloons from drifting into the United States, much less the tidal waves of illegal immigrants flooding across our southern border. The man can’t even keep track of classified documents that he keeps next to his car in a garage.

Out of one side of his mouth, Biden will preach unity, leadership, and understanding. Out of the other, he will condemn those who think differently from him as being enemies of the people and this country. In one breath, he’ll promote the importance of American values, a good work ethic, and strong moral foundations. In the next, he’ll describe all of these morals you must have as hard-leftist ideals that break from reality and only invite disaster.


He will suggest that every problem our nation faces can be solved with more government intervention and that his administration is working tirelessly to make our country a better place. He’ll say this as his staff continues to be absentee no-shows like Pete Buttigieg or criminals like Sam Brinton. Even his own VP is so ineffective that Democrats are looking at her as an issue, not a help to the administration.

All of this will be said as he gives a speech to a nation where six in ten Democrats don’t want him back in the White House when his first term is up.

In short, the State of the Union address will be a total fabrication meant to mask the fact that this is one of the dirtiest, weakest, and untrustworthy administrations this nation has ever seen.

He and his administration might lie to you constantly, but you can bet that we won’t. We spend a lot of time and energy countering the lies heaped upon you by the Biden administration so that you don’t have to doubt where you and this nation stand in the constant battle for it.

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We can’t thank you enough for the support, and we will continue to counter the lies and agendas that the Biden administration and his allies on the radical left want to push on you and your family.

Here, at least, you can see the state of the union unfold daily, and without the filter they want you to view the world through.



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