Byron Donalds' Wife Presents Receipts of the Left's Overt Racism Toward Her Husband

It’s a safe bet to say that no one in America experiences more racism and vitriol than a black conservative. While the Democrats like to pretend they’re the party that elevates, supports, and protects the black populace, they’ve demonstrated time and again that black lives only matter when those lives are in alignment with their agendas and narratives.


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Florida Congressman Byron Donalds is one such black man. As a conservative, Democrats don’t view him as an independent man with his own beliefs and principles, but as a traitor. This status comes with all the usual insults, but now the left has learned very recently that Donalds’ wife is actually white. As you can imagine, this has sparked racist comments from the left.

Erika Donalds began receiving messages aimed at her and her husband over their interracial marriage. You’d figure this wouldn’t be an issue for the left seeing as how some of their favorite politicians and media figures of color have white spouses. This includes vice-President Kamala Harris, CNN host Don Lemon, hard-left congresswoman AOC, and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Apparently, their interracial marriages aren’t subject to attack, but the Donalds family is. Donalds called this racism out and provided screenshots as evidence of just how hypocritical and racist the left actually is.


Modernity pushes very, very hard to encourage interracial relationships. In fact, you can hardly see a commercial that contains two white spouses on television anymore. However, the left treats interracial couples the exact same way they treat the black community. They must fall in line and obey the body politic or be societal pariahs.

It’s a glaring hypocrisy that the left has done its best to avoid talking about and one that will go unaddressed so long as the general population doesn’t notice it.

The color of a person’s spouse is not subject to their political beliefs just as skin color has no bearing on what people should and shouldn’t have as far as principles and ideological stances go. That skin color should dictate how someone lives is a leftist stance, and by definition that makes them the racists.


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