Greg Abbott Implements Cheap Yet Effective Plan to Stop the Flood of Illegal Migrants

AP Photo/Julio Cortez

The Biden administration isn’t doing too much to stop the border crisis, leaving Texas Governor Greg Abbott to take action himself. Abbott has often had to wrestle with two issues, the constant waves of illegal migrants and the Biden administration which continues to try to tie his hands behind his back.


Still, Abbott continues to implement new ways to hinder illegal migrants and his latest one has proven rather effective.

In a tweet containing a link to Fox San Antonio, Abbott notified the public that the state is putting up shipping containers along the US-Mexico border in El Paso. When mixed with the National Guard’s razor wire, illegal immigration reduces by a significant amount.

This isn’t the first time this method of creating a makeshift border wall has been seen. As RedState previously reported, Arizona did something similar along its border. Those containers would come down shortly after thanks to the Biden administration threatening legal action against outgoing Gov. Doug Ducey.

It’s unlikely that Abbott, who just won his reelection campaign, will back down from the Biden administration’s threats and thus he will keep the makeshift border wall up for as long as he can.


In the meantime, Abbott’s move to bus illegal migrants to various parts of leftist America has been massively effective at exposing the Democrats’ hypocrisy when it comes to illegal immigration. Abbott has single-handedly caused so much panic in the northern parts of the country and the reactions have been notable. New York Mayor Eric Adams, for one, issued a state of emergency over Abbott’s migrant busses, but Abbott has made it clear that he’s not stopping.

“Sanctuary cities like New York City experience a FRACTION of what Texas border communities face every day,” Abbott tweeted. “We’ll continue busing migrants to NYC, DC, & Chicago to relieve our overwhelmed border towns until Biden does his job to secure the border.”


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