They Will Try to Push Lockdown Tyranny on You Again, but Don't Expect It to Look Like a Virus

Michael Sohn
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To say that we “suffered” through the pandemic is an understatement. Most people would tell you that the worst part of the era of COVID-19 wasn’t the virus itself, but the rules that were forced upon citizens across the globe. Many people lost their jobs, their businesses, and their livelihoods, became addicted to substances, fell into depression, watched from afar as their relatives died alone, and more.

Suicide attempts, specifically among children, skyrocketed. Hundreds of thousands of businesses closed. The quality of life halted. After a short time and much proof that the fear behind the virus was greatly exaggerated, people began demanding the lockdowns and rules be lifted. Few leaders listened, but too many continued to tighten restrictions and hold tight to their authority. Despite the free areas of our country proving there was little to fear, tyrants continued to force the hysteria on people, up to the point where children’s hospitals were kicking children with leukemia out into the literal cold over their vaccination status.

While many politicians have since backed off as enforcing restrictions became dicey for their careers and journalists have asked for amnesty without apology, some places continue to push ridiculous COVID policies despite proof that none of it works.

This should worry you because it’s absolute proof that this isn’t about health and safety. It was never about flattening a curve or protecting our most vulnerable. This was always about seeing how far authoritarians could push their authority before you pushed back.

It also should worry you because if this is about pushing authority, then that means they will try again. The question is: What will that test of authority look like?

It likely won’t look like another pandemic. Now that people have gone through one, they may see an all-out rebellion if they try to push this in earnest again. They’re going to have to look for different avenues to push a “necessary” lockdown on you.

We may already have the answer to this.

One of the biggest worries from Democrats has always been the “environment.” What I’ve dubbed the “Church of Climate Change” has a bad habit of cooking up end-times scenarios and planet-wide devastation that never happen but still have people convinced that we’re going to suffer a climate apocalypse regardless.

To that end, Democrats and leftist supporters have cooked up various excuses to push “green energy,” usually in the form of solar and wind. While this energy is “renewable,” it hardly delivers the amount of energy we need to sustain an entire population. That’s not even mentioning the filth and destruction these “renewable” resources bring upon the land they’re set upon.

They push the idea that we’ll be running out of fossil fuels, and natural gas, so we must begin conserving today. Oil and gas prices hike up needlessly thanks to international politics despite oil and gas residing right below our feet here in America. They refuse to embrace any other type of energy, such as abundant and clean nuclear energy over the “dangers” it presents, yet their fears continue to go unproven.

So they make it seem like energy is scarce and must be rationed for the sake of the planet. Even now, various countries are experimenting with energy rationing. Paris, France, is rationing energy to the Eiffel Tower. Germany is rationing energy that heats homes and businesses. The same is happening in Italy and even the UK is getting into the idea of it.

What of America? As usual, if you want to see what the left really wants to do, you can look to California where mandates around everything from energy to water are being implemented. Governor Gavin Newsom’s rush into green energy everything is costing the state and its citizens a lot of money and pushing them to give up various freedoms in order to help. The freedom to keep your lights on, for instance.

Think of the left’s push for green energy and the fast-phasing out of gas-powered vehicles in favor of electric ones. Think of all the electricity that you’d need to power your home and vehicle. Now imagine that all you have to power all of this is an already over-taxed solar/wind farm.

The Democrats would declare an energy emergency. They would tell you that you can only use X amount of energy per day. It would hardly be enough to power your home, and your electric car would sit uselessly as you are unable to give it a decent enough charge to take you anywhere and back. Lights, cell phones, computers, and more would go without power.

You would effectively be locked down again.

There are likely a lot of details here that would flesh out as this continued, but it’s a safe bet to think that the next tyrannical push by the government to bring you under their thumb will come through the energy sector. Don’t think for a moment you’re safe just because you’re in a red state either. The federal government will do what it can to strong-arm and force states to comply.

This might not happen next year or the year after, but it will happen and it will be too soon. The only way to stop this now is to take the power out of the hands of authoritarians and environmental cultists.


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