Ronald McDonald House Sends Eviction Notices to Unvaccinated Children and Their Families

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The methods of coercion to strongarm people into getting vaccinated have all been a disgusting breach in both personal freedoms and sanity, but this move by a Ronald McDonald House in Vancouver British Columbia may be the lowest attempt at doing it yet as it involves evicting a small child with deadly cancer.


Austin Fergason is the father of a four-year-old child with leukemia who received a notice from Ronald McDonald House Charities – British Columbia & Yukon chapter, that he had a month to move his child and his family out unless they submitted to the jab.

“Beginning January 17, 2022, everyone five years and older who are working, staying or visiting our facilities (both the House at 4567 Heather St. Vancouver and at the Family Room in Surrey Memorial Hospital) must show proof of full vaccination (two doses), in addition to completing our existing screening, unless an Accommodation has been sought and has been explicitly approved and granted by RMHC (Ronald McDonald House Charities) in writing,” reads the notice.

It gives these families till the end of the month to comply. Fergason and his family have been at the House since October.

Fergason posted to his Facebook page about the incident, including a recording that shows him confronting the manager of the establishment about it.


Fergason gave an interview with The North Star, where he described how crushed he was that the division on vaccines has even infected saving children’s lives:

“No matter what people’s beliefs are, everyone donates to this place because everyone wants to save dying kids,” he said. “If there was anything left to unite our country, this would have been it. And still, they find a way to segregate us and divide us even more.”

“I’m broken inside for our country just how fast this has accelerated,” he added.

Fergason is further devastated by the news because his child has been doing so well there.

“God’s been doing miracles for our kid. His hair was supposed to fall out 2 months ago, and it never did. He’s got lots of energy, he’s super positive. Everything was going great,” he told North Star.

The Ronald McDonald House in British Columbia post on their website that access to the House is restricted due to COVID-19 protocols:

“We continue to restrict access to the House and are practicing COVID –19 safety protocols including: screening, temperature checks, physical distancing, enhanced cleaning protocols and mandatory mask-wearing in all common spaces. All guests and visitors to the House must show proof of full vaccination against COVID –19. These measures in addition to an abundance of sanitizer and kindness will help us ensure the safety of everyone at the House.”


This is an absolutely disgusting move, and while I understand the need to protect its patients from the COVID-19 virus, the goal is to keep people safe. Evicting a child currently undergoing leukemia treatments is the exact opposite of this. What this is, is pure coercion in order to get people to get a vaccination that has done nothing to halt the spread of the COVID-19 virus, especially the Omicron variant which has proven to be far less deadly despite being more contagious.

There is no rhyme or reason to this, only pressure put on people from others being controlled more by their political-ideological positioning than common sense.

If you would like to help the Fergason family, a GoFundMe has been started to help them.


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