Democrats' Rush to Be the First Is Making Them the Worst

AP Photo/Abbie Parr

Back in 2016, a good deal of America was rolling its eyes at Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. While a lot of us were just looking to elect the best person for the job, the left was busy shouting that it was “time for a woman president” and making Clinton’s best selling point the fact that she has different plumbing than any president so far.

Thank God we dodged that bullet. If Biden had taken over for Clinton, or God forbid she had gotten two terms, I’d hate to see what state this country would be in. I’m pretty confident history will Trump’s economic buffer was integral to keeping the U.S. afloat during the pandemic and an incompetent Biden administration.

But sadly, we weren’t so lucky when it comes to other “firsts.” Democrats want to reinforce their claim to progressivism, even if it means serving up absolute trash to do it.

We now have the first woman VP and you’d figure they’d be making a much bigger deal out of it than they currently are. For all intents and purposes, the Democrats should be going absolutely bonkers over Kamala Harris and defending her at every turn. The word “sexist” should be spewing relentlessly out of every mouth, speaker, and outlet the left has control over at the blatant disrespect being shown her.

Yet, despite a smattering of accusations here and there, the legacy media is largely quiet about Harris. It’s not making a big deal of her being the first. In fact, they aren’t making a big deal about her at all. They went from trying on shiny jackets in stores with her to pretending as hard as they can that she doesn’t exist.

To be honest, it’s pretty understandable. Harris is an embarrassment. Her incompetence is only outmatched by her social awkwardness. There is no task that she’s been given that she hasn’t failed miserably at and all of her failures are put to the soundtrack of her weird cackle.

Yeah, the Democrats got a woman in the VP seat first but it’s pretty clear they’d rather not have made it her. It’s a bit late for that now, and they have no one but themselves to blame. They chose Harris because of her skin color and gender, not for reasons of merit. Because they hadn’t stopped to ask themselves if she was the best person for the job because of her character, intelligence, and leadership ability, they got a clown whose primary skill is being an example of “what not to do.”

Democrats didn’t learn their lesson, though.

Democrats nearly knocked the breath out of themselves patting their own backs after hiring Sam Brinton, the first non-binary employee in a high government position. Fast forward to last Monday and he’s already been fired from his position as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy thanks to his second felony charge for stealing luggage from an airport.

If they’d stopped for a moment to really look into Brinton they would have discovered that he came with warnings from psychology professionals. As RedState reported, Dr. Joesph Nicolosi Jr. warned that Brinton was a pretty accomplished liar and that he’d already committed a felony before. That’s hardly the worst of it either. Brinton also defended underage gay prostituion.

Brinton clearly isn’t well, but hey! He’s the first they/them! They had to hire him.

Now, they’re wishing they hadn’t.

Hiring with identity in mind works in very few professions. Modeling and acting come to mind but not much else. Identity is ultimately a useless gauge for how good a person will be at their job which is why the wise don’t put too much on skin color, gender, or sexuality. If a white man who looks like he’d fit in well at an accountant’s office has proven he’s the best man for the job thanks to his enthusiasm, experience, and skill, then he’s the guy to hire. It doesn’t matter if a black transgender lesbian wants the job. He didn’t earn it despite the radical left proclaiming he did by throwing on a wig and changing his name from “Greg” to “Georgina.”

Normally, I’d say that if the Democrats want to continue making mistakes that unveil their incompetence, then far be from me to interrupt them. The problem is that they keep electing incompetent people and putting them in positions of power and influence and all on my dime. If they’re going to hire someone to handle our nuclear waste, I want to make sure the guy knows the best way to deal with it, and trust that he won’t open up some dumping ground next to a religious community with which he’s got a bone to pick. At the very least, I want to know our luggage is safe around him.

But Democrats can’t even guarantee that, and so long as they keep trying to be the first rather than get the best, they won’t be able to promise us anything but failure.


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