The Mainstream Media Tried to Choke the 'Twitter Files'

AP Photo/Mark Lennihan

The largest story this month is, without question, Elon Musk releasing what’s been dubbed “The Twitter Files” which exposed collusion between Twitter and the Democrat-controlled government to silence and censor its critics.


With such a release of information, you would figure the legacy media would be all over it, but true to form, mainstream news sources decided largely to pretend the files didn’t exist. As highlighted by Fox News, the major networks dedicated a total of mere seconds to the story:

The major Sunday shows on ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN devoted a total of seven seconds to the story, prompting Twitter CEO Elon Musk to sound off on the overwhelming silence.

“I think those people should be looking in the mirror and wondering why they were deceptive. Why did they deceive the American public?,” Musk asked. “And instead of trying to redirect blame to Matt Taibbi, they should be accepting some responsibility themselves for not being truthful to the American public.”

MSNBC devoted three minutes of coverage and CNN covered it for just 10 minutes over the weekend.

The reason behind the silence has not been confirmed by anyone, but you don’t really need a confession to understand why. The Twitter files are a very, very bad look for the Democrat Party and the incredibly biased realm of big tech. As the legacy media has proven itself to be incredibly biased to the left and capable of the same kind of collusion as Twitter once engaged in, the media has deemed fit not to report on it.


This is the same media that breathlessly reports on which member of the January 6 committee sneezes. It’s the same media that promoted the baseless idea that Donald Trump was colluding with Russia almost 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If this doesn’t prove to you that the media is untrustworthy, I’m not sure what else will. What we have here is nothing short of the government attempting to suppress free speech with extra steps. This is the media running defense for those who would manipulate the populace for their own benefit.

It’s no wonder Ron DeSantis won’t talk to them anymore.

On Tuesday, more from the “Twitter Files” has been released and we can likely expect the same amount of media silence we’ve seen so far. They will maintain their silence until the story becomes too large to ignore, and that may very well become soon if media outlets outside of the big names make a big deal of it.


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