Is the Legacy Media Even Worth Talking to Anymore?

AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is scaring the left and you can tell that with how much the legacy media are trying to inflict damage on him. Ridiculous articles are popping up left and right, but with very little to actually hit DeSantis with the best they can come up with are weak arguments like “DeSantis isn’t a personable guy.”

As I argued in the latest RedState video, I could care less if I could have a beer with him, what I care about is whether or not he’s a good leader and anti-authoritarian.

If you were Ron DeSantis and this is the kind of nonsense you had to deal with from mainstream news sources, what would you do? Would you endure their attacks and take their unfair questions, or would you begin ignoring them entirely?

As RedState covered on Tuesday, DeSantis himself has taken the latter route, and he’s begun shunning legacy media sources in favor of more friendly media sources. In a recent dust-up, DeSantis spox Christina Pushaw fired back at accusations that DeSantis was only calling on right-leaning media because he’s too scared to deal with the hard-hitting journalism of the mainstream news cabal. Pushaw’s response was pitch-perfect.

“When your options are rabidly partisan legacy media, Democrat activists posing as a Capitol Press Corps, a pay4play Lincoln Project blog, and “new media” like Semafor (allegedly owned by Sam Bankman-Fried), of course it makes sense to cultivate an alternative,” she tweeted.

Pushaw’s response won’t do anything to make the left stop and think about what it’s become. It will only continue to hammer DeSantis as a coward for not appearing on shows that are so far to the left that fairness and good-faith questions would be out of the question.

And sadly, this goes for much of the mainstream media. So much so that one has to wonder if right-leaning figures should begin giving them the cold shoulder altogether.

My knee-jerk reaction is to say “no” because if there’s one thing that I really don’t want to happen is that we get into our own ideological bubble and the right-leaning press begins transforming into the very thing we hate about the left. Softball questions, manipulation, and propagandistic stories that would only serve to make any bad situation worse.

But then again, I can’t help but wonder what the point of the mainstream press is at this time in our nation’s history. They are, by and large, propagandists for the left. Everything they do is done to further empower and assist in the Democrat Party’s agenda. This is an activist army posing as reporters.

Case in point, would we say that the reporting of “Russian collusion” during the Trump era was journalism or activism? There was never any proof that Trump actually did collude. In fact, there was far more proof that Democrats worked alongside Russian figures than any Republicans.

Where was this mainstream press when it came to Hillary Clinton’s emails or Hunter Biden’s laptop? Where’s the mass reporting on the collapsed border? Why do they keep making excuses for Joe Biden’s horrific economy?

Why is every other story on legacy media websites and questions from legacy media reporters about how dangerous and evil Elon Musk is since he started trying to give people the ability to speak freely?

I ask again. What’s the point of the press?

If I was Ron DeSantis, I’d see all of this as a waste of time and energy. Any time I’m in front of a microphone, I would want to hear questions that would elicit useful answers for the people. We would focus on the constituent’s business, not the business of the Democrat Party, which is all the mainstream press seems to be concerned about.

I’m not sure there’s any danger of ignoring the mainstream press because they aren’t really the press. They’re an attack wing of the Democrat Party.

Naturally, I think it’d be awfully dangerous to get wrapped up in a bubble, so I’d have to caution myself and my fellow colleagues against becoming what the mainstream press is today by allowing ourselves to get wrapped up in our own ideology so tightly that we refuse to do any real reporting. With that said, however, I think we might be the only press left.

So perhaps DeSantis has hit on something here.


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