The Left Thinks the Right Doesn't Want Black People to Have Guns...LOL

More often than you’d think, I come across a tweet from a leftist who states people across the nation would immediately ban guns if the black community began buying AR-15s for themselves. It’s almost always the same from tweet to tweet so once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.

Here’s one now.

First off, this is a racist idea because it just assumes that all black people are Democrats. They aren’t. There are black Republicans in elected office all over the country. There are three black writers on this site and one of them is an editor. It’s apparently okay to engage in racist minimalization if the left does it, but I digress.

Republicans are wildly in favor of more people in the black community owning legal firearms and being trained on the proper way to use, care for, and store them. In fact, this very site referred to a black gun store owner offering firearm training to his community as a “feel-good” moment.

(READ: Feel-Good Friday: Black Gun Store Owners Commit to Training Their Community in Firearms Safety and 2A Rights)

A group known as “Black Guns Matter” has a heavily approved presence in the conservative community. Its goal is to deliver a pro-Second Amendment message, namely to the black community. In 2021, BGM’s co-founder Maj Toure announced that his organization got a massive $500,000 donation and that he was taking his show on the road to spread the word about gun rights and firearm education.

The messaging must be working because more black buyers (especially women) are showing up and purchasing firearms. That’s not to say Toure had the largest hand in it. That honor belongs to the Democrat Party itself which encouraged and applauded the destruction of black communities through riots and violent protests.

Then there was a commercial by a Republican candidate just this year that many conservatives and Republicans thought might have been the ad of the year. Arizona’s Jerone Davison put on a skit where the KKK was showing up on his door and he responded by coming out on his porch, sunglasses and all, with an AR-15 in hand.

The logic he used was simple. If the KKK and white supremacists are trying to attack black people and they aren’t safe anywhere, then it’s probably best that he owns an AR-15 then. It wasn’t exactly well received by the left, but the right absolutely loved it.

Moreover, the right continues to push for less restrictive gun laws and believes heavily black cities having such strict gun control is a mistake. They’re consistently proven correct as blue cities with heavy black populations continue to descend into homicides and gun violence from illegal guns in crime-ridden areas.

Republicans and conservatives believe that this problem would be alleviated if more black families owned firearms that they could use to defend their property and livelihoods. The logic is that the more good people own firearms, the less bad people would be inclined to victimize them.

Yet it always seems to be the left doing everything in its power to stop black people from owning guns they can then use to defend themselves with, and never informed them of their Second Amendment rights while trying to limit them right from under them.

If one didn’t know any better, it would appear it’s the left wanting to stop the black community from being self-defensible.

Food for thought.


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