Black Guns Matter Launching a New 50-State Tour

Black Guns Matter founder Maj Toure talks about fundraising for nationwide tour

Black Guns Matter is planning to start a nationwide tour to promote responsible gun ownership in predominantly minority areas. The organization seeks to spread its pro-Second Amendment message and educate people on firearms and safety.


The organization holds seminars mostly in inner cities to train participants in gun use and safety. Black Guns Matter’s co-founder, Maj Toure first got the idea for this type of organization when he constantly saw black Americans getting into trouble with the law for illegally possessing a firearm. In 2019, he told me how he would travel around the country as a hip-hop artist and hear stories of people getting arrested for violating gun laws.

He said:

So by traveling around with music before doing this work, I would have those experiences with so many guys, and I was like “damn, these dudes are just missing information.”

Now, Toure plans to take the operation on the road again and is seeking to raise at least $1 million to fund this and other endeavors. He also wants to purchase a building in which to conduct his classes. He told RedState:

When we get the goal, we are gonna give that money away to purchase a building so ALL of our firearm safety and conflict resolution classes will be free to all FOREVER.

Toure discusses his plans for a tour in the video below.

Part of the organization’s activities involve educating people living in areas populated by minorities on how to legally obtain a firearm so that they do not run afoul of the law.


The U.S. Sentencing Commission reported that 51.2% of those charged with possessing a firearm illegally in 2012 were black. Not all of these people were involved in nefarious activity – they owned a gun for self-protection.

Many predominantly black cities are under strict gun control laws that make it disproportionately more difficult for black Americans to obtain firearms. Many of the fees and hurdles that are put into place create more of a challenge for African Americans who wish to become gun ownership legally. It is for this, and several other reasons that Toure contends that “all gun control is racist.”

Once Black Guns Matter reaches its fundraising goal, it will be able to continue its work in the cities that need it the most. If you would like to support the organization’s work, you can do so here.


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