New Ad for the US Marines Ditches the Social Justice and Brings Back the Action

Kevin Frayer

Last year, the Army released an ad that horrified many people who watched it. Only, the people who were being horrified weren’t our enemies, it was the American people.


The ad was an animated featurette about a girl who grew up in a lesbian household and held social justice values. She marched at pride parades and joined a feminist sorority. According to her, she ended up joining the military because she wanted to shatter stereotypes.

It wasn’t exactly a message that encouraged people to join for the right reasons. There was nothing about protecting the nation you love or any patriotic messaging. It was an ad that pretty much centered on selfishness.

Compared to the ads other nations were showing for their respective militaries, ours struck no tone of danger or force. Russia and China’s ads were filled to the brim with images and voice-overs that made it clear that their armies were not for the weak of heart. Ours was divisive against our own country.

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Needless to say, the Army’s ad did not go over well with the majority of America who came down on it for striking the tone it did and focusing on divisive subjects that would ultimately fail to attract new people to join up.


Apparently, the Marines weren’t about to make that same mistake. Whoever is in charge of the ads for that branch decided it was time to ditch the “me-me-me” style the Army had adopted and plunge back into the action-packed, masculine vibe a military is supposed to strike.

The new ad features a dire message of a threatened future from unrelenting enemies. The commercial declares that these new, dangerous threats require Marines to be dealt with. As the voiceover is heard, marines can be seen doing what marines do, unaliving enemies with that signature American swagger. Jets, guns, explosions, and even an EMP for good measure.

The final line makes it clear that the Marines aren’t here to be an all-inclusive social justice summer camp. You’re here to fight for your country.

“When there are battles to win for America’s future, there is one constant; Marines.”

Social justice advertising was never going to send people swarming to sign up for the Army. The people who that animated nonsense was targeting aren’t the kind who would sign up to fight for the country anyway. The vast majority of them hate the country and especially the military.


The people who would sign up — or more importantly, the people you want to sign up — are going to need appeals made to their sense of patriotism, adventure, and most importantly, giving them the skills and tools to defend the things they love.

This commercial from the Marines strikes the right tone, not just for our own countrymen, but for those watching overseas who may see this and understand that Americans are dangerous and not worth confronting.

Whoever put this ad together deserves a raise.


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