Oh, How Fatherhood Infuriates the Left

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Every now and again, I kick the leftist hive and it sends them swarming to my Twitter where they do everything from lob ad-hominem attacks to misrepresenting what I say. People appear in my DMs telling me how horrible of a person I am and even suggest that violence is the solution to my wrong-think.

But the shock of this kind of Twitter mobbing wore off years ago and the internet is the internet.

So what got them so mad at me this time?

It was a mixture of things. For one, I defended something Matt Walsh said which is a massive no-no to the left. It wouldn’t matter if I backed up the Daily Wire rabble rouser for saying the sky is blue. If Walsh said it, then the sky isn’t blue, at least for the time being. You better agree that it’s mauve or else.

But more accurately, I defended the idea of fatherhood.

To get the full background you can follow the link below, but the short version is that Media Matters released a 2011 clip of Matt Walsh talking about how, historically, teen pregnancies weren’t that uncommon, and yet society didn’t fall apart because of it as it tends to today because back then these pregnancies occurred in marriages. The point was that a two-parent home actually tends to have more bearing on outcomes than what age the mother gives birth.

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This is pretty obvious by listening to what Walsh was saying and it’s even elaborated on by Media Matters with a transcript outside the audio clip. This was something even I tried to explain on multiple occasions.

Yet, the left’s response was overwhelmingly uniform. Despite context and logic being right there, they pressed the idea that Walsh and myself were trying to promote child brides, pedophilia, and hilariously, grooming.

This is all pretty rich since it’s likely that most of the accounts attacking Walsh and myself were likely defending “child-friendly” drag shows not that long ago. Most of these accounts were anonymous and had their pronouns listed in their bio.

As I wrote previously, a good deal of the accusations of pedophilia and grooming is a distraction tactic meant to place the titles on right-leaning people. Thanks to everyone from public schools to political activists attempting to normalize the sexualization of children from an early age with drag shows, LGBT books, and policies meant to encourage children to explore sex and sexuality, the left has been suffering a severe loss in reputation. The knee-jerk reaction from the left is to begin pointing fingers at their opposition as often and loudly as possible in order to transfer the blame.

But that’s just the tactic. It doesn’t explain what made them so mad.

What made them furious was what Walsh was pushing for; fatherhood.

The left despises fatherhood with a white-hot passion. It’s the antithesis of everything they preach. Men are supposed to be selfish, violent, dangerous, and stupid. Fatherhood is a testament to the falseness of that narrative. Fatherhood is proof that men are caring, and loving, have a soft side, and most importantly, it proves they’re human.

Looking into it a bit deeper we see how important fathers are, not just in everyone’s personal lives, but to society. Statistically, sons who are raised in homes without fathers tend to be more likely to commit crimes.

The Psychology, Crime, & Law Journal published a study that found that “growing up in single-parent families is associated with an elevated risk of involvement in crime by adolescents.”

According to a study from the Princeton Public Policy School, “growing up outside a family with two biological, married parents yields especially negative consequences for boys as compared to girls, including worse educational outcomes and higher rates of criminal involvement.”

Even the Justice Department noted that “the most reliable indicator of violent crime in a community is the proportion of fatherless families.”

This strongly suggests, if not proves, that fathers have a direct connection to personal and societal stability, and here’s where the left starts to see fatherhood as a problem.

A stable, self-sufficient society doesn’t need much help. It doesn’t ask for handouts much and success is much easier to find. There are few footholds in a stable society for authoritarians looking to divide people with with “have-have-nots” politics.

A stable society starts with a stable home, and at this point, it’s pretty clear that in order to create an unstable home one must get rid of the father, historically, the cornerstone of the family unit. Without a father, children statistically grow up with ingrained instabilities, these instabilities translate into societal issues, and these societal issues can be preyed upon by authoritarians looking to swoop in and promise order in exchange for power.

Pushing the father out of the home has been a very long, slow process. Feminism has made men out to be useless and unnecessary, if not evil. Democrat leaders have made long strides in rewarding fatherless homes with cash payments. Mainstream media sources, from news to entertainment, applauds single-parent households at almost every turn.

They’ve even gone so far as to applaud mothers on father’s day.

The treatment took. Today, men and fathers are consistently bashed as being a negative force in our society. The reaction to my defense of fatherhood mentions how marriages are just staging grounds for abuse.

It was a visceral reaction that reveals just how well the anti-father messaging worked.

It’s time to push back and make fathers an important role again.


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