Old Navy Insults Fathers By Making Father's Day About Women

Being a man is not something to be proud of in this day and age. From Sarah Silverman apologizing to a woman who just gave birth for having a boy, to men getting kicked out of college just for being accused of rape, team phallus isn’t very well looked upon.


Apparently, this disrespect also falls unto fathers.

#EndFathersDay may have been a hoax birthed forth from the maw that is 4chan, but despite that being fake, the sentiment is somewhat real. It’s exhibited, not just from a few angry tweets and hoards of SJW tumblr posts, but by corporations.

You’ll recall last year that the toilet paper company, Angel Soft, made a video called “Happy Father’s Day, Mom.” In it, a few people give tear filled testimonials about how amazing their mothers are…on Father’s Day

While this definitely would have been a touching video on Mother’s Day, on a day meant to salute and show appreciation toward fathers, it’s somewhat insulting. The public agreed, as the video has comments disabled, and currently sits with over 7,300 thumbs down, compared to its 1,500 thumbs up.

Well, apparently Old Navy wasn’t watching, as they’ve gone and made a very similar mistake. Appearing in their store for a short time was a shirt that read “It’s Father’s Day,” but looking closely it says “It’s Her Day” in the bold letters.



Old Navy has taken it down since, and we’re now greeted with this page upon attempting to access it in the store.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.51.34 PM


“Technical Difficulties” indeed.


I wanted to write about this, not because I’m a male, but because the feminist trend of belittling men is not just insulting it’s dangerous. It’s dangerous because sidelining fatherhood, and making it all about women further promotes the idea that father’s aren’t really needed.

This is just stupid. Fathers aren’t just good for families, they’re integral. While there are many good single parent households out there, those with fathers are just far and away better off.

According to the National Center for Fathering, families with fathers exhibit more financial stability. Single parent households with just moms live in poverty by a whopping 47.6%, as compared to those with fathers, which are four times less likely to be in poverty.

That’s not all. The kids are more emotionally and physically more sound, are better educated, and commit less crimes.

Despite the ridiculous trend of viewing males as nothing more than defective humans, fathers are necessary, important, and needed. Girls need a good masculine influence to set the bar for how she’ll let men treat her in the future. Boys especially need it so that they grow up to be good and useful members of society.

The feminism that has permeated our culture, and made corporations like Old Navy believe it’s okay to treat fathers as nothing important, is more damaging to our society than many in the mainstream like to talk about.


And I won’t shop at a store that promotes that kind of damaging thinking, even if for a little bit before taking it down. Old Navy should apologize, before they lose even more customers.

And they’ve lost more than just me.



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