How Not to Run for Office in Texas

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I could begin and end this with “don’t be Beto O’Rourke” but what’s icing without cake?

Loyal readers will know that I spend a good deal of time making fun of and denouncing the O’Rourke gubernatorial campaign here in my beloved state of Texas, with an emphasis on the former. O’Rourke does so many things worth mocking that it makes my job pretty easy.

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After a time, I could only conclude that O’Rourke doesn’t actually expect to win. Instead, he’s found that his career should be merely campaigning. It allows him to rake in gobs of money from rich leftists who want to see a high-profile office controlled by a Republican they hate to swap to someone whom they can easily control.

O’Rourke has made it clear that he’s ready and willing to be controlled by whatever and whoever is most popular to the Democrat Party.

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Naturally, the left is going to be more than willing to throw as much money as they can to get their puppet into office. Even though O’Rourke looks like the opposite of a DEI pick, they’ll throw more money at him than all other minorities running for office in the nation.

They’re more than welcome to fruitlessly drain their bank accounts out of blind hope. O’Rourke welcomes it because it keeps food on the table and an RV over his head.

Take a look at O’Rourke’s moves. Everything he does is almost designed to please one group of people, and that group of people is not Texans. Texans enjoy low taxes, 2nd Amendment rights, and schools free of leftist indoctrination including critical race theory and LGBT brainwashing. They do not want to become another California and have an inept government controlling almost everything about the people’s lives.

Yet, the coastal elite loves this idea. Despite the fact that people are fleeing California for states like Texas and Florida due to the state’s descending into a tax-ridden, crime-infested wasteland of ignorant leftist politics, the bubbled elite can’t see past their own noses. They truly believe that Texas would be better off if it were just like California.

This is great news for O’Rourke who relies mostly on out-of-state money to fuel his campaign and keep his lifestyle going. This is why rich celebrities from other states speak out in favor of O’Rourke in hopes they can influence Americans into voting for him.

It’s not just celebs within the country either, it’s celebrities without.

Here’s O’Rourke’s campaign getting a huge shoutout from UK mega-star Harry Styles at his recent concert in Austin, TX.

Is this going to help O’Rourke?

Nope. It probably is going to hurt him. Harry Styles is a leftist hero. He champions all the leftist things, including the “new masculinity” which involves men wearing dresses. His girlfriend, Olivia Wilde, is also something of a hard-leftist herself. Her recent movie featured an “insane” character that she said is based on Jordan Peterson, a man so hated by the left that they take every opportunity they can to destroy him.

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Styles might convince a good majority of a stadium full of his fans to vote for O’Rourke. Blue cities are likely to cast a majority vote for O’Rourke, but for everyone else? Texas is a very large place with a lot of people who see Styles like they see O’Rourke, an alienating individual with opinions that have no bearing in a culture like Texas’s. Both insist that Texans are bigoted, behind the times, and should be more like the elitists on the coast. Texans couldn’t disagree more.

But man, Harry Styles endorsing O’Rourke, who just so happened to be at his concert, sure does look good to those elitists outside of the country. It especially looks great to small-dollar donors in blue areas as well. It’s a moment that’s sure to get publicity for O’Rourke which will then result in more donor dollars.

But it won’t result in a win in Texas…and for O’Rourke that’s just fine. There’s a sucker born every minute, and it’s those suckers that are keeping O’Rourke’s career as a perma-candidate going.


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