Why They Hate Jordan Peterson So Much

Jordan Peterson is considered an incredibly controversial figure but he shouldn’t be. In a sensible world, everything Peterson does would be viewed as good and helpful. His main drive as a clinical psychologist is to investigate the cause of many people’s despair and then help them find a way to counter it in order to lead them to a more stable life.

This is admirable, but for many, this is an unforgivable sin.

The left, in particular, doesn’t like Peterson’s positions or his teachings. They consider him a social pariah only worthy of hatred and derision, and the standing order is to discredit and destroy him at any opportunity. Why?

Peterson isn’t exactly friendly with the left’s various points of view. He considers socialism and communism to be both dangerous failures that benefit no one but those who are in control. He considers Marxist doctrines such as critical theory to be nothing but active malevolence.

He’s also very outspoken about the dangers of giving into a feelings-first approach to living your life and sees gender-affirming treatment as counter-productive to a person’s mental health. In fact, one of the first things that put him on the map was confronting a mob of students who were attempting to force him to bow before transgenderism. He had refused at the time, he’s still refusing now.

But these two things are hardly the reason the left hates him so much. A lot of people disagree with the left on these points and while it’s never taken lightly, few people actually suffer the intense hatred that Peterson does. Taking a step back and looking at the big societal picture you can see exactly why this clinical psychologist is so hated by them.

Let’s break this down.

Firstly, Peterson is an advocate for personal responsibility and improvement, something the left vehemently wants to be squashed out of western culture.

Personal responsibility is the antithesis of the left’s doctrine of self-victimhood. Theirs is the idea that nothing is the fault of the individual but of some societal imperfection that has to be dealt with. This creates a mentality of helplessness and, more importantly, dependence. The left’s aim is to use this dependence to become the entity that’s depended on. They would like it if everything from the job you work at, to the food you eat, to the medicines you inject into your body, were under their control. Moreover, they want you, not just okay with it but grateful for it.

With victim mentalities infecting so many people, they can create homogenous groups, then manipulate these groups any way they please. This includes strengthening loyalties by pitting one group against another.

For instance, they can convince the black community that the white community is only there to oppress and hold them back. For women, it’s men doing the oppressing. For the LGBT community, it’s the “religious right.” They can even create identity groups out of current events such as “vaxxed and anti-vaxxed.” They leave no room for nuance and dismiss inconvenient facts. Those with the self-victimization mentality embedded in their minds succumb to this kind of boxed thinking very easily and are thusly easily manipulated.

Peterson encourages a rejection of this mentality. He encourages people to think freely, and moreover have the confidence and courage to think freely. He champions individualism and self-improvement. He teaches that mistakes are going to be made, but through personal responsibility, these mistakes can become teachable moments to improve. He denounces the victimhood mentality in favor of self-empowerment.

If the goal is herd mentality, the last thing you can allow is for someone to encourage individualism.

Secondly, Peterson is an advocate for the mental health and elevation of men. This is a huge setback for mainstream culture which takes the feminist view that men are dangerous and useless. Our society consistently tells men that they need to be less “toxic” and are encouraged (and forced) to step aside in order to give women their position in everything from the job market to the familial position as head of the family.

Television shows, commercials, and movies paint men as evil, less capable, selfish, bumbling morons, or a mix of all four. Modern women are taught to see men as either garbage to be used and discarded or as useful tools, expected to give more than they should while the girl in the relationship has to give little to nothing back.

This view of men has been reinforced by society. Women are hired over men simply for being women in the workplace in order to fulfill diversity quotas and look better to other businesses. Women are accepted into universities more and have a higher graduation rate than men. Our legal system comes down severely on men and favors women in confrontations or disagreements of any kind. A mere accusation without proof can ruin a man’s entire life, but women are often given the benefit of the doubt.

Because of this, many men have severe mental health problems in the western world. Depression and suicide are becoming more and more common and disgustingly, mainstream society seems to be okay with this. It actively ridicules anyone or anything looking to help men regain themselves and become happier.

And why not? A confident man is hard to control and, what’s more, far more likely to lead others in a lifestyle that contradicts dependence. A two-parent household built on a solid foundation of confident leadership, especially that by the man, creates healthy independent children who are less likely to rely on others for their well-being. Moreover, it sets an example that others may wish to follow to achieve a healthy lifestyle and children.

The last thing the left wants is for other women to see healthy relationships with good, confident men who feel comfortable in their leadership roles and live stable, happy lives. They want the divide between the sexes to widen, not close. They want to eliminate gender roles and confuse the sexes, not reinforce them.

Peterson advocates for men to be who they truly are and embrace the goodness of their nature. He wants men to define masculinity as it is naturally, not what the left wants to redefine it as, which is effectively femininity.

Thirdly, when he does all this, he does so from a place of authority. Peterson has been a clinical psychologist for years. His list of credits is extensive and he’s effective at what he does. People are more likely to take someone like him seriously and that terrifies the left.

Peterson is the kind of person that can undo generations worth of work. He is absolutely dangerous to them and as such they’ll take every opportunity to destroy him and everything related to him.

This is why they hate him. It’s not just mere disagreement, which is usually enough for the hard-left. This is about the deconstruction of their decades-long work to divide and conquer.


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