CNN Can't Stop Using Florida's Destructive Hurricane Ian to Push Climate Politics

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CNN is taking the “never let a crisis go to waste” motto way too seriously as it cannot stop using hurricane Ian to push climate change narratives.

As RedState reported earlier, Don Lemon actually tried to get the director of the NOAA to say that climate change was the cause of the hurricane’s intensity, to which the director embarrassingly shut him down.


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Now, CNN anchor Bill Weir is also attempting to say that global warming is exactly what’s to blame for Ian. During a report, Weir was standing out in the middle of a field in the rain and wind and repeatedly pressed that this was a climate issue. He reported that this community had been devastated before by hurricane Charlie, and then that’s when he began banging on the climate change drum.

He began talking about how these people had learned a lesson about living on the coast in the midst of a rapidly warming planet and that as a result, climate precautions were put in place. He ended with one more push for the climate change narrative.

“This is exactly what climate scientists have been warning about for a long time and now we get to see it up close.”


That this hurricane (or at least its intensification) is the creation of the left’s consistently apocalyptic but never proven “climate change” is actually anti-scientific. Even when weather experts are shooting down the idea that this is climate change related on their own channel, they still can’t stop themselves from attempting to convince you of the lie.

Hurricane Ian being a manmade creation seems to be the left’s marching order as a whole. As I reported yesterday, Amy Klobuchar attempted to bill Democrats as capable of stopping hurricanes from happening if you just vote them into power.

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As you can see, NBC’s Lester Hold is also pushing the climate change makes hurricanes stronger narrative as well.


At the end of the day, this is what this really boils down to. Democrats and their media want to convince you to vote for them by any means necessary. Scaring you into voting for them by threatening more hurricanes if Republicans are elected is a ridiculous notion but the uninformed or gullible may very well buy it.

Still, it’s disgusting that while people may be on the verge of losing their homes, jobs, and community, CNN and the left cannot stop themselves from using a disaster for their own political gain.


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