Congratulations, You're in a War for the Soul of the Nation

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I really hate using the phrase “now more than ever” but sometimes cliches actually make sense.

And now more than ever we’re up against something that can’t be overlooked or ignored. Like cancer, social justice began small and then spread through America rapidly, infiltrating and overtaking our systems, corporations, media, and especially schools. If it hasn’t spread to places you like to frequent yet, give it a minute. It’ll infect it.


It’s safe to say that today’s Democrat Party isn’t your grandpa’s. While it used to have quite a bit in common with the Republican Party, the radicalism that’s infected it has it looking like something completely different and far more dangerous. Its banana republic tactics include raiding the property and private lives of U.S. citizens and sitting presidents alike, not because they’re truly dangerous, but because they actually pose a threat to their power in some capacity.

Likewise, our media has given over to intimidation tactics as well as flat-out falsehoods in order to push the message. If you’re too effective at exposing the left’s extremism, ridiculousness, or hypocrisy then it won’t be long until a hit piece is released on you from a major publication. One of their reporters might even show up at the door of one of your family members.

If you upset anyone on the left you may find yourself at the business end of an online mob that won’t just say mean things to you on the internet, but they may attempt to have you and maybe even your family members fired from their jobs.

Meanwhile, the same people who want to ruin your life are also trying to control your child. Consistent attempts to introduce radical leftist and social justice concepts to your kid are being made, oftentimes behind your back. This includes attempting to convince your child that they’re gender-fluid or some identity within the LGBT lineup. At the very worst, they’re attempting to introduce sex and sexualizing to children, even going so far as to attack those who protest provocative drag shows for children as transphobic.


I wish we lived in a time where we could all just go our lives without having to worry about radicals infiltrating our lives and attempting to force us into some form of subjugation but we don’t. We are in nothing short of a war over the soul of the nation. If we lose then the great American experiment is over.

This isn’t hyperbole. They’ve made it clear that they would love nothing more than to tear down the American system, eliminate the family unit, and replace it with their own system of control. They will empower whoever and whatever they can to that end be it popular social movements like Black Lives Matter or government agencies like the IRS.

Their rulebook says “by any means necessary” and they mean it. No matter how detestable, unfair, or violent, they will push their agendas, they will do what’s necessary to get what they want, and what they want is you.

Fighting against that kind of authoritarianism requires a lot of work, especially since the left controls most institutions and the big stage. It’s not uncommon to be censored, shadowbanned, or have accounts terminated. They’re not going to give you a fair shake. You will not get a seat at the table. Your voice will be dismissed or silenced.

And yet, you’re giving them hell. So much of it, in fact, that they’ve begun openly attempting to create entire government agencies meant to monitor and track your speech. They’re terrified of the fact that you’re running for positions on the local school board. They’re apoplectic over your unwillingness to accept their mandates for your own “safety.” They’re furious that you won’t carry their narratives and are ready and willing to vote them out of office.


This is why we have the VIP program. Their attempts to control what we write, how much they let us be seen, and/or intimidate us into silence are hollow in the face of a readership and fandom that will not allow the left and its ilk to sink us. Your subscriptions have helped us out far more than we can relay and our thanks are far more than we can express.

But as thinks we are sweetening the deal. New video uploads will be included with the subs you throw our way. Not only are we including more content, but we’re also lowering the price by 40 percent for people who use the code “SAVEAMERICA.”

Rest assured, their tactics are going to get worse before they get better. Animals backed into corners get more vicious and that means we’re going to have to fight all the harder. Rest assured, like many other groups RedState will be one of those places on the frontlines giving you the necessary information, expertise, and opinion that will equip you to fight back. The attacks on us haven’t stopped us yet, and with your help, they won’t ever.

Regardless of whether or not you sub, this fight’s going to get nastier and will continue to do so well into 2024. This won’t stop with a failed election for Democrats. This only ends when cultural marxism has been defeated and anyone who supports it has been driven out of their positions of power. They must be tossed out of every institution, discredited in every circle, and their bank their sources of income turned off.


This isn’t just a battle, this is a war. Settle in. We are.


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