'MAGA Christian' Trends on Twitter Proving the Left Knows Nothing About Christians or Christianity

Twitter’s trending list is always a smorgasbord of stupid, usually aimed at Trump and his supporters. Wednesday was no different as the left somehow got onto the idea of telling the platform that Christian Trump supporters were anything but Christian.


This is rich coming from the people who tend to mock people for their Christian ideals on the regular and whose party booed God at their convention.

You can check out the trending tweets yourself but I can sum them up here. Most of them wanted Christians to know that their beloved Jesus wasn’t European looking and that Jesus was a socialist that we on the right would crucify again for being a lefty snowflake.

For starters, I’ve seen very few people really stand by the claim that Jesus looked like someone straight out of Cambridge. The idea that the right only listens to the teachings of the Son of God because of His light skin color is a story the left has told themselves after years of blindly accepting the narrative that conservatives are racist. They truly think that describing Jesus as a man with darker skin somehow sends Republicans into pearl-clutching hysterics and conservatives to their fainting couches.

If it was revealed one day that Jesus was black, Christians still wouldn’t care. The left would, though, because the left is filled with actual racists who think skin color is more important than anything.

Then there’s the idea that Jesus was a socialist.


The left loves to break this one out from time to time in order to make it seem like the very man they don’t believe in and love to mock people for following would actually be on their side. He’d apparently be a big government dictator who would seize the wealth of the rich and distribute it to the poor. Then, in their fantasy, he would turn around and tell all those right-leaning capitalists that they were evil, and then somewhere in there he’d start supporting abortion, I guess.

Only he wouldn’t do that because Jesus wasn’t a socialist. I go into much deeper detail in the article below.

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To sum it up, the left tends to make this claim here and there in order to taunt Christians and justify their own greed. Really what they’re doing is exhibiting their ignorance of Christ and His teachings.

Jesus was not a socialist and while he made it clear that charity, especially from the rich, was something that should definitely be common, He wasn’t for taking money from the wealthy by force, and what’s more, He didn’t actually hate the rich people at all. What He disliked was the love of wealth over the love of God and people. Christ didn’t reject money, he rejected greed.

Socialists tend to hyper-focus on wealth, not the people. Look at any socialist today and you’ll see them fight furiously to keep their own money while attempting to take wealth from others. While they proclaim the rich need to pay their fair share they will dress in high-value clothing, drive expensive cars, and shop at expensive places.


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Socialists love to proclaim that they’re of the people while living these lifestyles, proving that there’s no such thing as a socialist. Given what I’ve read and the lessons he’s taught, I’m not too sure Christ would come down, slap a hammer and sickle on his chest, and begin preaching the gospel of Marx. He’s not white and middle-class enough for that. Remember, Jesus was a darker-skinned guy from the Middle East, not a snow-white college kid in Boulder, Colorado.

No Christian today is perfect, including yours truly. That was Christ’s whole purpose for coming here. Doubtless, we would still learn a lot about ourselves when Jesus comes back and resumes his teachings, but I think I can safely say that the left has no idea who He is.



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