Nancy Pelosi Now Kissing up to China, Gives Them a Bizarrely Unwarranted Compliment

It was only days ago that we were supporting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in her defiance of China, but it would now seem she’s gotten back in line and is bowing at their feet.


During an interview on NBC News’s “Today” show, Pelosi got onto the subject of the communist nation and said that “our” policy is still the “one China policy” which recognizes formal relationships with China rather than Taiwan, whom China sees as a breakaway province it will one day reabsorb.

She went on to call China “one of the freest societies in the world” and a “strong democracy.”

Pelosi credits this compliment to China, not on herself, but to an organization known as “Freedom House.” Going to what it has said about China, you can see that the organization isn’t too complimentary of it themselves:

The ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to tighten control over all aspects of life and governance, including the state bureaucracy, the media, online speech, religious practice, universities, businesses, and civil society associations, and it has undermined an earlier series of modest rule-of-law reforms. The CCP leader and state president, Xi Jinping, has consolidated personal power to a degree not seen in China for decades.


As you can see, China is a communist dictatorship that enforces inexcusable force on its own citizens and grabs every opportunity to enforce its power over its citizens it can. This even extends to Hong Kong, which China proceeded to bring from a free nation into a nation controlled by its leaders in the span of a few weeks.

It even went about using the police force to shoot protesters point blank.

This sudden turnaround comes after Pelosi defied China’s demands and flew to Taiwan. She was cheered by Americans, many of whom saw this as a necessary message to Chinese officials that America is not afraid of throwing its weight around, even toward China.

Since then, China placed sanctions on Pelosi and her family and halted talks about military actions and climate policies.

The House Speaker seems to have completely lost her defiant spirit against the Chinese communists and is now perfectly happy with painting them as the equivalent of nations with a constitutional republic.

Pelosi has bent the knee to our enemy, and any spark of pro-American defiance has apparently left her.


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