Video: Hong Kong Police Shoot Unarmed Protester Point Blank

Screenshot from this video

Screenshot from this video

Things are going from bad to worse in Hong Kong.

On Friday, protester Chow Tsz Lok died after being injured in a suspicious fall while trying to get away from the police inside a car park.


After he fell, protesters complain that police denied him proper attention and blocked the ambulance from getting to him. Police denied it but video emerged showing what appear to be police blocking an ambulance.

People came out in force to protest his death on Monday morning but that led to more violent encounters with the police.

A police officer was caught on video, pointing a gun at an apparently unarmed masked protester on the street and then grabbing him, the reason why is unclear. As another unarmed protester approaches reaching out his hand, the officer then fired a live round at him, causing him to drop to the ground. The officer then fires more rounds at a third protester, who also fell to the ground although it is not clear if he was injured.

The second protester who initially fell looked very bad, completely limp and with eyes wide open, with blood on the street. Warning for very upsetting content, you can see the video here. He is reportedly in critical condition. The third protester was moving and appeared to be in better shape, it’s unclear whether he was injured.


An officer on a motorcycle was also caught on video apparently trying to run protesters down. Protesters were also hurt in that incident.

There was also a reported encounter where a man was set on fire, allegedly by protesters, and he is in critical condition.

The response of Carrie Lam does not bode well.

In Communist-speak, that means the crackdown is coming.


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