Expect Twitter to Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter draws nigh and its employees ask not for whom the bell tolls, for they know it tolls for them.

Honestly, it couldn’t come soon enough. As the clock ticks down to Twitter becoming a full-on Tesla product, Twitter seems to be acting erratically. High-profile bans are becoming more and more common. It’s as if tension is increasing at Twitter HQ and people are acting out.

If I had to take a guess, they are acting out. They know their time is limited and as a result, they’re behaving like cornered animals. Their aggression is at maximum levels and they’re ready to stop at anything and everything that they perceive to be a threat.

It’s why Jordan Peterson was banned for simply stating a fact about Ellen Page, now going by “Elliot” after claiming she is a man and having her breasts removed. This is, of course, not long after Peterson made Twitter furious with his comments about Yumi Nu’s appearance on the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover.

Peterson’s ban follows a pattern I’ve seen for ages. At some point, if you make the current operators of Twitter angry enough, they will look for a reason to ban you. Even if you don’t give them one, they’ll invent one. Plenty of accounts (overwhelmingly right-leaning accounts) have been banned from Twitter because the leftists who operate it had a grudge of some kind against a user. It’s a total abuse of power, and they just abused their power to ban Peterson who didn’t actually say anything that violated their rules.

Then there’s the suspension of Dave Rubin who merely reported on Peterson’s suspension. Rubin is a gay man and former leftist who has now become a staunch supporter of right-leaning values. He’s not allowed to exist in the first place given his sexuality according to the left. A gay right-winger? Impossible!

But more than that, Rubin is a man who consistently pressures the left just by asking questions and pointing out absurdities and hypocrisies. He has a very loyal and very large following. It was inevitable that the leftists at Twitter would suspend him, they just needed a reason, and he gave them one, even if it is illegitimate.

Both men called Ellen Page by her name, and not her new name “Elliot Page” which she adopted during her transition. According to the left, this is known as “dead-naming” and apparently, it’s now a massive sin to do this. I’d say it’s equivalent to actively threatening someone physically, but we’ve seen how Twitter tends to react when right-leaning people are threatened and doxxed…which is not at all.

Calling Ellen Page “Ellen Page” is a silly thing to ban someone over, but it was never really about calling her by her name. Plenty of people are doing that right now. It was just about finding an excuse to complicate the lives of people they hate.

As Musk’s time to take control draws near, you can expect these bans to become more and more common. High-profile people will suddenly find themselves locked out of Twitter for saying something completely inane under the excuse that they somehow violated a set of mysterious rules that only the leftists who work at Twitter truly know.

Like cornered animals, they’ll begin biting and snapping at anything they perceive as a threat. They know that once Musk takes over, they’ll likely lose their job which, according to reports, is receiving a cushy paycheck for doing absolutely nothing. They’re naturally going to be very angry over this and they’re going to blame you and, what’s more, take their anger out on you.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better.


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