Red-Pilled YouTuber Talks Leaving the Left and Exposes an Interesting Fact About Political Division

Misha Petrov, a young woman, uploaded a video in June to her YouTube page that would garner quite a bit of attention and elicit a ton of responses, most of them absolutely in agreement with her.


The video centered around how Petrov had considered herself a Democrat like most people her age. She was neck-deep in leftism, especially in her university where radical leftist politics was being shoved down her throat at all times, even in classes that had nothing to do with socio-political matters. She couldn’t get through a math class without it being woke.

Soon, Petrov found herself unable to continue identifying with the left and as her video states, she left it. This includes her university which had sunk so far into wokeness that it stopped being a place of learning.

One of the interesting things Petrov brings up in her video is the fact that, prior to her realization, she was under the impression that very few people in this nation were actually conservative. She was led to believe that it was a small, almost cult-like group of racists and bigots, due in large part to the way social media algorithms work.

Because she was surrounded constantly by mainstream content, she was under the impression that leftism was the most dominant political ideology in America, as the more she engaged in it the more it was recommended to her by social media.

She had a moment of awakening when the documentary “The Social Dilemma” pointed out that social media algorithms feed political division. It didn’t help that some of her friends were drifting more and more to the left and spouting talking points and attitudes from groups like Black Lives Matter.


Petrov said she posted the clip from the documentary to her socials and not much later, received a handful of text messages from her friends asking why she posted it and if she’s a Trump supporter now.

“They were ready to attack me,” said Petrov.

“They were proving my point,” she continued. “I can’t really post or say anything without people getting defensive or offended, and it really made me miss the days when we could all say ‘oh, let’s agree to disagree.'”

Petrov would be pushed further away from the left as her university descended into madness. Men would walk into women’s restrooms under the claim they were trans but would put no effort into looking like a woman at all, and assignments from professors would focus on identity politics and trigger warnings. Soon, Petrov would walk away from the hypocrisy and infantilization she was being forced to embrace.

Petrov’s tale exposes a very interesting flaw in our society, and it’s a flaw that works in favor of the left. More specifically, the radical left.

For those who have never seen “The Social Dilemma,” I recommend you go see it as soon as possible. It exposes some very shocking things about how social media platforms and the people behind them have far more control of your mind than you might actually think, especially if you tend to engage in social media often.


Algorithms are primarily geared toward keeping you hooked and engaging. If you don’t turn notifications off on your phone, for instance, your social app will bump you at various points in the day where it learned that you’re the most susceptible to looking at it. If you’re susceptible to political posts that gear more toward conservative/libertarian ways of thinking, you’ll be fed that more often, making you want to engage and interact with the site even more.

This continuous feed of right-leaning information feeds right-leaning thought. The same is happening to people on the left, the only difference is that the left’s reliance on sensationalism and identity politics puts leftists into the mindset that they truly are up against real evil.

The young are especially susceptible to this since they have no true real-world experience to understand that sensationalism is all an act. It doesn’t help that this is being reinforced by professors and teachers in schools and universities. It should surprise no one that we have a young population in America that is so highly offended, infantilized, and ready to fight anyone who merely suggests even talking it out.


Being young in America and separating yourself from the left actually takes some bravery.

All in all, the left is being lied to in general. Many act the way they do, not because they themselves are evil, but because they don’t know any better. They need help, and there are many fronts we need to battle the left over if we’re to free these mental and emotional prisoners.


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