The Majority of Today's Entertainment Sucks Because Cultural Marxists Can't Give You a Break

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My audience is frustrated by today’s offerings from the entertainment industry. I know that because every time I write an article about a television show or a movie, it’s guaranteed that someone will be in the comments saying that they’ve more or less sworn off of everything that comes out of Hollywood and/or has unsubscribed from all streaming services.

You can’t be blamed, really. To consume most media today is to swallow some form of leftism, either through seeing “the message” within the program displayed in some form or fashion or subscribing to a service that supports said message. Even Chris Pratt’s latest outing with “The Terminal List” is a show that leftists despise but is being hosted on Amazon Prime, a company that virtue signals about its leftist politics as often as it can.

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As I’ve tried to make very clear in the past, this is more to do with the fact that many companies think doing so is best for their bottom line. If tomorrow the world began declaring that the Nazis were right after all, many corporations would begin sporting swastikas on their websites and finding ways to include them in their Twitter avatars.

If it feels like you’re not getting much of a break, it’s because you’re not. This is by design. The last thing cultural Marxists want is for you to have a place to run to. Escapism cannot be permitted. Somewhere where you, and people like you, can find a common interest is dangerous to their agenda and their narrative. The culture reinforcing your beliefs in any way makes forcing theirs on you even more difficult.

It has to be all them all the time. Doing so allows them to normalize whatever radicalism they believe within our culture and move the Overton window further and further left until even their most far-left ideals appear perfectly reasonable. This especially goes for your children who would not have known a time before this normalization and will have nothing else to compare it to. They will willingly accept this new culture, and may even defend it, simply because they don’t know any better.

Even if we do pull out of this dive in our culture (which I think we are currently in the midst of doing given how some companies seem to be backing away from woke culture slowly but surely) the scar it left on it will be around for decades. Movies made around this time in our history will always bear that influence on them and may pay dividends in that regard for some time. The key is quantity. If mainstream culture is overwhelmingly leftist, then anyone who taps into it will have that influence on them.

The plot is as brilliant as it is insidious. The left has carried out this plan for almost 100 years, dating all the way back to before WW2 when cultural Marxists at the Frankfurt School began to execute their plan of a critical theory takeover of society through the use of media.

It has just one major weakness; capitalism.

It’s only as strong as consumers allow it to be. For some time, much of society didn’t know any better because the Overton window had slid slowly enough, but as the left became more and more radicalized, it began pushing that window faster and faster and the public is now catching on. People are refusing to see various things produced by woke corporations like Disney because their tolerance for leftism has more or less dried up.

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In its quest to convince everyone they were morally superior, the left made enemies out of everyday Americans. Corporations that bow to the social justice mob to the point where they’ve become indistinguishable are now suffering greatly for their hubris as parents turn away from allowing their children to mix with their products.

The left can’t give you a break for fear that you having one will allow you to believe that what you believe is okay, but corporations are only here to make money. If a corporation is suddenly operating at a loss because its product is repulsing customers, it will eventually correct course. You can start to see this happening with companies like Netflix, which has made both loud and quiet moves toward making its company less woke.

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Since woke culture can’t survive on its own it needs a host, but if the hosts are becoming more and more averse to having this parasite plaguing its ledgers then its days are numbered.


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