Leftist Celebrities Prove They Don't Understand Gun Rights, the Need for Guns, or Their Lack of Influence

Leftist Celebrities Prove They Don't Understand Gun Rights, the Need for Guns, or Their Lack of Influence
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I thank the good Lord above that I’m not constantly surrounded by people who tell me I’m right and shower me with adoration on a constant basis. Sure, it’d be nice to get it every once in a while, but if I had it consistently I’d be many leftist celebrities who live in their own ideological bubble.

Case in point, the bubble really became apparent after the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting which the left began immediately using as a platform to push whatever their agenda was at the moment.

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Naturally, the ladies of “The View” would have an absolutely ridiculous take about it, but co-host Whoopi Goldberg didn’t just have one. She had several.

In one of the more unhinged rants she’s been on, Goldberg proceeded to tell viewers that they’re not allowed to have AR-15s anymore, why she thinks we own guns in the first place, and then encouraged viewers to go vote for the “right people.”

She started by saying the AR-15 “has got to go” due to the mass shootings they’ve been involved in, including Buffalo, New York. She also suggested that people still won’t go shopping anywhere because “nobody will bring a supermarket where these folks are living.”

I’m not sure what she meant by that, other than she’s saying no one will open up stores in these areas now because a shooting happened.

She continued by saying too many lives have been at stake, including children’s, then gave us the “do something” quote the left loves so much. That was when she turned her attention to what she knew was going to get an applause line from her crowd, and that’s bringing up the NRA. This was followed by Goldberg demonstrating her lack of knowledge about why we own firearms.

“I don’t care NRA, you got to give that gun up,” Goldberg said. “You can have your other ‘yee-haw’ guns, whatever you want. The AR-15 is not a hunting gun. It’s not a gun where you’re going to go out and shoot your dinner. This gun is meant to kill people. That’s what it’s for. And you can’t have it anymore. And I’m not even going to tell you how pissed I am so many folks are saying you can’t have what you need for your body, forget my body, you can’t have this gun because it kills people and children and I’m sick of it.”

Firstly, the NRA didn’t have anything to do with the shooting. Like it or dislike it, the NRA is not a mass shooter factory that gives out info on soft targets and distributes guns to the insane. Goldberg is, attempting to direct hate at the NRA because it’s a lightning rod to attract hatred against the right, which for a time, largely supported the NRA, though has lost quite a bit of its influence in the recent past due to internal controversies.

Secondly, she’s right, the gun is meant to kill people. While an AR-15 can be used to hunt, our firearms are our right to own in order to defend ourselves from that which may threaten us including our own government should it cease obeying its function as a constitutional republic. The founding fathers were pretty clear about that.

Thirdly…who does Goldberg think she is? We can’t have our own property anymore? Does she think that her influence goes that deep? Does she understand the implications of attempting to even begin confiscating these guns? Is she going to be the one that does it?

I doubt it. Judging by her unhinged little rant, I sincerely doubt that she understands how rights work, or the absolute monstrosity of a task it would be to repeal those rights and then go about confiscating them. I explain why it would be impossible in the video below.

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